I Don’t know whether to be amused or very concerned . . .

So, an old student of mine messaged me on facebook and asked me what I thought of Sarah Palin’s history lesson on Paul Revere. I had not heard it so I youtubed it. And here it is . . .

Needless to say I was a bit horrified. How can you not know that Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. Seriously? And people think Obama is not American. If anyone votes for her I will seriously be concerned about their mental state because the woman is insane and totally not qualified to be leading anyone let alone an entire country. I told my student I would cry if she ever got voted in. Ha ha. My student agreed with me.
I totally get why people vote for Republican candidates . . . I do not however get how anyone could vote Sarah Palin in. I’m sure she is a nice person but dude . . . my favorite thing is that there are youtube videos where she is defending her answer and saying she was not wrong. I mean seriously!

Some Really Good Things . . .

Okay so starting Wednesday this week has been really good. One, Best Friend and I planted a garden at our new house that we will be living in coming this fall. It is so great. And it turns out guys are living there over the summer. And they aren’t bad looking and we have to water frequently and needless to say I feel good about all three of these things. We also ate lemon bread and drank orange juice which was just great. I also have Best Friend watching Vampire Diaries and it’s so much fun to see her reactions and I just love having an excuse to watch all the episodes again. Good decision on Renbeth’s part to buy me the first season. Feel free to buy me the second one too, my darling sister. : ) Hee hee.
On Thursday I got thrown into chaperoning the Boys State Soccer Championship game being played at Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake. Now, I am like the biggest soccer fan ever and half the team are my old students but I was originally not gonna drive down to Salt Lake but then they needed a chaperone so I was just like “Okay, it should be me.” I got Best Friend to go with me., She had never seen a full soccer game played before in her life!!! Anyway, the whole thing was a blast, riding on the bus with the students, cheering with them. It turns out we were playing against Mountain View (the High School in which my cousins went to and some of my cousins still go to). Now I knew my cousins had went there but for some reason I forgot I still had cousins in there. And I totally didn’t realize one of my cousins was on the other team. (I’m actually way sad I didn’t see them). Anyway, the game was intense. No goal the first half. We scored right away in the second. But then less than ten minutes to the end the other team made a goal. And man they kept getting down near our goal. I was freaking out. See, I feel kind of parental towards all my students and these were my boys on the field. Very stressful. Best Friend was just loving all of it. We went into overtime and man was it all kinds crazy. But then GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL! That’s right we won. My kids are State Champs (It’s the first time ever for our soccer team). Holy cow I was so super proud. The cheering was intense. The bus ride home was louder than the ride there and it was like eleven at night. So happy. And it was nice cause near the end a woman behind me asked if I was Miss Freckles and when I confirmed she told me she was the mom of one of the boy’s on the team and that he spoke way highly of me and loved me as a teacher. Again happiness!

Well, Best Friend and I didn’t get home till closer to Midnight and we were both up again by six in the morning because I convinced her to help chaperone Lagoon Day for the seniors at our High School. (Yes Best Friend is amazing to let me drag her into all of these High School events. Ha ha). We spent the day hanging out with my history colleague Gordo. And oh my gosh we had a blast. Seriously. Now, here’s the thing . . . I am terrified of heights. Rollercoasters freak me out. I had only ever been to Lagoon once before and I refused to go on any really scary rides. I’m a chicken. Well, I decided to be brave. The three of us went on Wicked first thing. I decided that if I did the ride that looked the scariest to me nothing else would seem quite so bad. I was scared to death but I like to try new things. Gordo and Best Friend had to trap me into the line once we got there. Allow me to show you pictures of this ride.

It first shoots you out way up high and then just drops you and then you go on all these sideways turns and then it does this cork screw thing were you are upside down. I was screaming bloody murder through it all. Best Friend and Gordo just laughed. Said my face was hilarious. It’s good to know they think my “I am gonna die” face is so funny. Ha ha. Oh dear. Anyway, my whole body was shaking afterwards. But it was wise to do the scariest one first cause then I was mostly fine on the rest. (I am not sure I can ever go on the Wicked again) We went on the Colossus which you go in loops and so are upside down twice. I actually liked that one. I went on it again with my student Blake. This was nice cause I have had Blake as a student every year since I started teaching. It is crazy he is now graduating. Then we went on the Moustrap . . . not my favorite. Okay I won’t list all the ones we went on cause that would be boring. My favorite ride is the White Rollercoaster. Which is funny cause people say that one scares them the most cause it is so old and rickety. I love it. We went on it 3 times. : ) My other favorite was the Bambora (I think this is the right name– I called it like a million things while we were there). This one was a nice smooth roller coaster that played Beach music. Loved it. We did a couple water ones I enjoyed but the being wet after wasn’t as fun. My students were so cute wanting me to go on rides with them. Oh I went on the rocket. This one shoots you way up high super fast. I had to hold Best Friend and Gordo’s hands I was so scared. But I did it! The only two things I did not do was go on Wicked again and I did refuse to try the Samuri. Just looking at it made me want to hurl. I guess I didn’t do the ace flying one or the Spider but I had done those the first time I went to Lagoon. Oh here is one of my favorite quotes from Best Friend. We were watching as Gordo went on the ace flying ride and he looked so happy. I was all “I wish I had a camera.” And Best Friend got all excited and was like “My camera has a phone on it!” Love her! The day was awesome but I was exhausted. I have already been feeling under the weather and the late night before, and early morning, and intense rides and constant screaming had me pooped. When we got back Best Friend and I went to Village Inn with our gift cards we got for chaperoning the soccer game. Then we went home and watched some Vampire Diaries until Juan came and we watched Castle and a movie. Okay they watched the movie. I was out. But the whole day was great.
Oh and Zooey Deschanel is coming out with a new tv show I am excited for. It is called The New Girl. I will include a preview at the end of this post. Oh and today I get to play soccer and my old and new drama presidency is having a dinner tonight that I am pumped for. Good weekend. Yes. The only sad thing is Best Friend is leaving me to go to a family reunion. Sniff. But I am so pumped because she invited me to a different family reunion with just her fam at the end of July. They go camping for a week and I am kind of stoked about that alot. : ) I love her family and camping. Happiness!

Why I love my job . . .

There are several reasons of course. History, theatre and teaching are my passions . . . I love the students, etc, etc. But really I was just gonna post a few things that happened yesterday that made me happy.

One, is I was introduced to this song by Brad Paisley. Now I like Paisley just fine but he isn’t my favorite. However, I love this song. I love it because it shows how history builds the future, and I love the references it makes to the Civil Rights Movement. I feel like the song is a commemoration to Martin Luther King Jr who is one of my all time heroes. I mean how cool is that his dream came true. We’ve been teaching the Civil Rights Movement in class and I was reminded that MLK Jr started in the movement when he was 26. He was as old as I am now. It makes me want to do and be more. Anyway, I also like the song because Brad Paisley is super attractive in it. I’ve never really been into him but having him sing about history I guess just turned me on. I especially love it when he says the “look around and it is all so clear” line. He looks way good in those shots. Anyway, so here is that video.

Next great thing that happened yesterday is two of my girls in history class were super excited because they went to see Water for Elephants and apparently there are prohibition references and they understood all of them thanks to my class. They were thrilled that they knew what was going on and that they had made a connection. It made me feel so good that they are getting it and loving it. Moment!!!

I also was observed earlier this week by one of the vice principals and she had really nice things to say about me. That was nice.

Then yesterday during fifth something comical happened (it’s moments like these that make me so happy I am in high school). In my drama class the students have been doing their final duo scene performances. After each performance the class gives critiques/ comments/ suggestions. Well, two days ago after one of the scenes I had a young man (who is a jock– and not your typical drama student– but very talented) made a comment on one of the actors of the scene (a very typical drama boy, who can be socially awkward but is also very talented). Jock boy says “I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I think Drama Boy could be the next Robert De Niro.” This made Drama Boy laugh. And I’m not quite sure how serious Jock Boy was being. Well, yesterday Jock Boy performed his scene and afterwards Drama Boy raises his hand and says, “I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I think Jock Boy could be the next Megan Fox.” Now, that in itself made the class chuckle but what was really funny is what happened next. I have a young lady in the class who is autistic and says pretty much anything she is thinking out loud. After Drama boy makes his comment my autistic girl smiles and gives a confused look and says loudly, “But that’s a girls name!” The entire class busted out laughing. Good times.

Yes, I love my job. It’s pretty much the happiest part of my life besides family and friends.

I hate waiting for a week . . .

Great episode . . . as always of Vampire Diaries. Renbeth was right when she said it was kind of a building episode. It is clearly setting up for future intense things. Here are my thoughts 1)It is about time Jenna found out. It needed to happen. Now everyone knows and we don’t have to play these silly secret games. 2) Finally, Klaus is out of Alaric’s body. Amen. 3) I like Elijah. And I trust him. Does this make me as crazy as Elena? Probably. But I think she was smart to bring him back. 4) The Katerina/ Elijah possible love thing I find compelling. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Katherine could actually love someone. 5) Damon needs to take a chill pill and be smart about things. He’s gong into tantrum mode and I don’t like it. Granted, he’s still incredibly hot. But he needs to not make a mess of things. 6) So previews for next week … um ahhhhh! I wonder if Matt will try to kill Caroline and Tyler will save her. I mean they just slightly showed Tyler but I feel like it is kind of possible. And I just don’t want Damon to be dumb and get himself killed.
Sigh … I just hate having to wait. I get so caught up in the moment of it all.

Just a really good day ….

So, yesterday was just a solid good day. On Monday and Tuesday Punk and I were working on refinishing the stage. Conversation and company was enjoyable and I did learn some mad painting skills but not gonna lie it was hard work so I was ready for a day of pleasure. And that is just what Wednesday happened to be. It started out with a lovely Temple session with my old roomie. It was a nice relaxing way to start out the day. Then I went home and ate a delicious lunch of cottage cheese, French bread and a pear. Not gonna lie. It made my tummy happy. Then I went clothes shopping with my dear dear friend UK (we’ll call her this because that is the nickname my students came up with for her. She is my choreographer). Oh my gosh, I felt so much like a girl as we shopped and chatted about boys. It was so great. My two favorite moments is when UK told me on Saturday and that she ate a lunch of asparagus and rice krispy treats. For some reason this lunch made me happy. MY second favorite thing is we bought matching pleather jackets for 1 dollar. Best dollar I have ever spent in my life. Ha ha! I got so many cute clothes! And I don’t feel bad about it because I haven’t gone real clothes shopping in months and months. And I love hanging out with UK. Oh and we ran into my hair dresser who I just completely love.

After shopping I went home and watched Bones. Hee hee Enough said there. I think we all know how glorious I think Bones is. One of my all time favorite shows. I am in love with Hodgens and I just want him and Angela to be with each other. They are so so right for each other. I think back on their first kiss at the swings. Oh my goodness. So cute. Oh and I watched an episode with Zooey Deschanel (my celebrity look alike) guest starring. So funny.

And what makes me really happy is Renbeth started to watch Bones. And she likes it. And now I can talk to her about it. And I love talking to her about things. And I love talking about Bones. Holler!
Next I decided I needed to start writing. And all of a sudden this idea came to me for a murder mystery/comedy play. I am kind of giddy about it. And I may get Juan to write music for it. Not a musical or anything. Like soundtrack music. I’m not gonna give up to much about it. But just know there is a plane involved and death. Maybe I will include some Bones. : )

After that I went to Zumba. Which I also love. We learned some new songs. That was fun. But I got this horrible headache/ nausea near the end. That was not pleasant. Anyway, I went home showered, got into a new outfit, dressed up all kinds cute and went to pick up Best friend for Country Dancing. Now let me just say that country dancing … not my thing. I have tried to go before and usually ended up hating it. But I adore hanging out with Best Friend and thought I would give it a try. I also invited my friend MS (one of my most dear guy friends) to join us there. That way I knew I would have at least one person to dance with. We get there and boom! Right away Best Friend’s friends came over and asked us to dance. So much fun. And I’ll be honest I danced almost every single song. MS showed and I danced with him several times. Fluffy was there and I danced with him several times. And I danced with several of Best Friend’s highly attractive friends. Phorist was there and I danced with him. And a guy I had never met named Jake asked me to dance twice. It was great and he was cute. I had a couple guys I didn’t know ask me and they were nice but not intriguing. I saw several graduated students. I loved the “Miss Freckles, you go dancing?!” I should tell them to call me by my first name. HA ha. MY favorite was when I ran into one of my old graduated boy students. He looks at me and says, “I’m not sure we should be here at the same time.” I was all “Dude, this was my age group first.” We both laughed and went our separate ways. Oh my dancing was so fun. Oh and that cute Jake boy I talked about found me before he left and told me he figured out who I reminded him of …. Zooey Deschanel. I feel like I should get on some celebrity look alike thing. Ha ha. We stayed until one. We were the last people on the dance floor. At the end I was dead tired and I kept having to dance with this guy who was nice but so a no go. But I danced with him so Best Friend could dance with one of her hotties. I am such a good friend. Ha ha.

But yeah overall, super great night. And I felt pretty and confident. Renbeth would be s proud of me because if a guy didn’t ask me I would ask him. Oh I even danced with this guy from my ward that I have always thought was kind of cute. : ) Go Freckles! For the record I wish there was a dance club that played more my style of dance. : )

Redefining Feminism … Or rather just going back.

So, the other day I was watching this Ted.com talk where this chick is talking about inventing feminism and it made me began to think about the whole idea of feminism and being a feminist. With my history classes we have a whole class discussion on this topic. It is interesting to see the stereotypes my students list off when it comes to feminists- man hater, wearing business clothes, hair pulled back in a bun, outspoken, pushy, independent to just name a few. I then proceeded to ask who considered themselves a feminist? And maybe one or two girls raised their hands. I then told them the exact definition of the word which is as follows … the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. I then asked who agreed that women should be equal in the following areas and they all raised their hands. I asked once more who after hearing the exact definition would want to be called a feminist. A few more raised their hands but more than half still did not. I asked why? And they said, because whether or not they agreed with the definition people still viewed feminism as something else. They didn’t want to be seen as that something else. And I think it’s sad because I think feminism is so much more than that. I think people have gotten carried away and moved something super positive into something that is not always seen as desirable. I want to go back to the old definition.

My point is feminism isn’t about hating men, or doing everything on your own, or saying that men and women are the exact same. That’s not it at all. Feminism is about men and women being equal in worth and should have the same rights. Which is so true. Neither sex is better than the other. We need to work together. And men and women are not the same. Their bodies are built differently (and I mean in ways more than just the obvious way), they have different needs, emotions, ways of thinking (this has been scientifically proven), etc. This does not mean that I think guys can’t like ballet and girls can’t like football. That’s not it at all. But we do approach the world differently. But we still deserve the same rights. That doesn’t mean we are always suited for the same tasks or the exact same jobs, etc. We deserve the same opportunities. I believe a man and woman should both be able to apply for the same job. Then whoever is qualified should get the job. I don’t think a woman should just be given a job because she is a woman if the man is more qualified and vice versa. I guess what I am saying is there is a balance and there are differences and there are equalities and I think people need to not go to extremities either way.
I am traditional in many ways but I do believe in equal rights for men and women. And I don’t think one is more important than the other. I have so many more thoughts on this but I’me gonna go play with my father and brother. : )
Any thoughts let me know.

Student Recommendations

So, as a highschool teacher I am constantly having students recommend to me videos, music, etc. Some of it is way awesome like the song and video “I Say Fever” others … are more special like the Barbie video called “This is Me” where an animated Barbie sings this special tacky song. Anyway, I have had a couple recently that I thought I would share. The worst song in the world called, “Friday” no really … it is the worst song ever. Which makes it kind of funny. Don’t worry, the student realized it was the worst song ever. I just want my brother and his friends to do a cover of the song. My favorite line is “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today is Friday, Friday.” The point is I think it is a great mockery of pop culture … which I actually happen to love and appreciate in many ways. The other is just this really random video called Marcel the Shell.

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