It bothers me when . . .

I say something nice about Obama on facebook and people make snide remarks. I don’t make snide remarks when they talk about political people they like. Unless, I am dissing someone they like … I’d rather they keep their opinions to themseleves. It probably wouldn’t bother me but I’ve been living in UT for so long that 98% I hear crap about a President I actually like. And most of the time I can’t say anything. I’ve had past roommates who wouldn’t let me speak my opinion. My students are constantly bashing on him and I feel like I can only say so much. People are so negative about him and usually all they can say is “we are in debt” … well guess what we were in debt before that and went through an economic crisis. Now, I’m no economic genius so I feel I can’t really make a valid argument here for or against … but one I’m sure Obama has advisors that know more than most of the population here in UT and two, even if the debt is really really bad there are other issues involved. And what Obama says on education is great! And guess what I care alot about education. And frequently Republican candidates (not all) do not have super great education views. Seriously. Okay, I’m done ranting. Ha!

I Don’t know whether to be amused or very concerned . . .

So, an old student of mine messaged me on facebook and asked me what I thought of Sarah Palin’s history lesson on Paul Revere. I had not heard it so I youtubed it. And here it is . . .

Needless to say I was a bit horrified. How can you not know that Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. Seriously? And people think Obama is not American. If anyone votes for her I will seriously be concerned about their mental state because the woman is insane and totally not qualified to be leading anyone let alone an entire country. I told my student I would cry if she ever got voted in. Ha ha. My student agreed with me.
I totally get why people vote for Republican candidates . . . I do not however get how anyone could vote Sarah Palin in. I’m sure she is a nice person but dude . . . my favorite thing is that there are youtube videos where she is defending her answer and saying she was not wrong. I mean seriously!

Redefining Feminism … Or rather just going back.

So, the other day I was watching this talk where this chick is talking about inventing feminism and it made me began to think about the whole idea of feminism and being a feminist. With my history classes we have a whole class discussion on this topic. It is interesting to see the stereotypes my students list off when it comes to feminists- man hater, wearing business clothes, hair pulled back in a bun, outspoken, pushy, independent to just name a few. I then proceeded to ask who considered themselves a feminist? And maybe one or two girls raised their hands. I then told them the exact definition of the word which is as follows … the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. I then asked who agreed that women should be equal in the following areas and they all raised their hands. I asked once more who after hearing the exact definition would want to be called a feminist. A few more raised their hands but more than half still did not. I asked why? And they said, because whether or not they agreed with the definition people still viewed feminism as something else. They didn’t want to be seen as that something else. And I think it’s sad because I think feminism is so much more than that. I think people have gotten carried away and moved something super positive into something that is not always seen as desirable. I want to go back to the old definition.

My point is feminism isn’t about hating men, or doing everything on your own, or saying that men and women are the exact same. That’s not it at all. Feminism is about men and women being equal in worth and should have the same rights. Which is so true. Neither sex is better than the other. We need to work together. And men and women are not the same. Their bodies are built differently (and I mean in ways more than just the obvious way), they have different needs, emotions, ways of thinking (this has been scientifically proven), etc. This does not mean that I think guys can’t like ballet and girls can’t like football. That’s not it at all. But we do approach the world differently. But we still deserve the same rights. That doesn’t mean we are always suited for the same tasks or the exact same jobs, etc. We deserve the same opportunities. I believe a man and woman should both be able to apply for the same job. Then whoever is qualified should get the job. I don’t think a woman should just be given a job because she is a woman if the man is more qualified and vice versa. I guess what I am saying is there is a balance and there are differences and there are equalities and I think people need to not go to extremities either way.
I am traditional in many ways but I do believe in equal rights for men and women. And I don’t think one is more important than the other. I have so many more thoughts on this but I’me gonna go play with my father and brother. : )
Any thoughts let me know.

Presidents Day Tribute

Okay for Presidents’ Day I thought I would make some rankings, etc. for fun. And it is fun cause I am a history teacher. We shall start with my TOP 6 Favorites (Note: Just because these are my favorites it does not mean I agree with everything they did/ do. I just find them interesting to study or I like alot of their ideas. When I go on to list my least favorite let me also state that I know they did some great things but there are things about them that bother me– On the people I put as the group I never want to be president… yeah I just don’t think they are good at all.)

My Favorites (in no particular order)

1. Barack Obama (I love his optimism. I have read his book and I just love hearing him talk. I don’t agree with him on every thing. But I think he was totally the man for the job. I also like his thoughts on education- which is kind of a big deal for me.)
2. Teddy Roosevelt (I find him amusing and terribly interesting to study)
3. JFK (I love the hope he inspired and his work on all of the social movements)
4. Abraham Lincoln (He kept us together. And I like how human he was.)
5. James Monroe (I totally have a new appreciation for this guy ever since I went to D.C.)
6. Thomas Jefferson (Wrote the declaration– kind of have to include him. Granted he took a lot of the Declaration from Locke but that’s cool. He did other good things.)

My Least Favorite (This does have an order. And number 1 is the one I dislike the most)
1. Andrew Jackson (For so many reasons. I had to read a biography on him in high school. Gag)

There are a couple other presidents who have done things I really don’t appreciate: like FDR, Bush, Truman, Lyndon B.Johnson, etc.

People I Never want to see as President
1. Sarah Palin (I don’t want her near the presidency)
2. Hillary Clinton (Just no)
3. Mitt Romney (I don’t dislike the man. I just dislike the idea of the church being dragged into presidential messes).

People I think would have made a really great president.

1. Henry Clay (One of my top favorite people in American History. “The Great Compromiser”– one of his best quotes “I would rather be right, than president.”
2. Alexander Hamilton
3. Benjamin Franklin (okay this one is just for amusement sake. He was a funny man.)

*I would just like to note that in my favorites list I have Democrats and Republicans. I am not some major liberal. I am very moderate. I feel like I need to make this clarification because people tend to get very confused and it drives me nuts when people say I am a hard core liberal because it just lets me know they have never met an actual hard core liberal. Sorry just getting off on a little rant. : )

Bernie Goetz

So, I was putting together a little powerpoint thing of We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel for my students for the end of the year. And in the song there were several references I was unsure of. So, I thought I better do my research so when students asked me what something was I could sound intelligent. Anyway, upon my research I looked up Bernie Goetz (who is mentioned in the song) and I found his story incredibly intriguing. Anyway, I am putting the link here. I would totally love to hear peoples’ opinion on the whole thing.

Frustrations . . . . AHHHHHHH!


Man it felt good . . .

M1RifleLast night I went on a date with Jenks. I have been on a couple dates with him and have had a jovial time. This time we went on a double with his roomy and we went skeet shooting. Now I have only been shooting oneĀ  other time before. And I did pretty well the first time. We were shooting at a man (cardboard) and I got him in the eye. Which I feel would work if I was in a situation where I needed to shoot someone. This time we were shooting at clay disks/ birdies or whatever you call them. Anyway, I went second and I have to say I did quite well. I was the first one to blast one to smithereens. I really enjoyed having the gun in my hands I’m not going to lie. I felt this sense of power and I liked how it smoked afterwards. Of course, I could never shoot an animal. That would make me cry but dude I do like shooting fake things and humans (ha ha, just kidding on that second one I just wanted to make sure people were paying attention). Juan says that now I too, like most of my friends, can hate Obama because he is taking away our guns. Ha ha! Both Juan and I laughed after this. Let’s face it. I love Obama and no gun will ever come between us. : )

bulletsThe gun had quite a kick to it. I had it lodged in my shoulder but I ended up getting a nasty bruise.

IMG000048It hurts to even have clothes touch it. But do not fear I will be okay.

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