Esmeralda … my new favorite Disney Princess Heroine

For as long as I can remember Belle, from Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite Disney “Princess” and as I continue in this post please do not think that my love for her has diminished because it hasn’t at all. I have just come to the realization that I love Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame more. I remember loving the Hunchback of Notre Dame when I was a little girl. I also remembering it being very controversial because of how sickening Frollo was. A lot of people were upset with the film, including some of my relatives because he was very open with his lust. I think this is maybe why Esmeralda has not been as popular/ inducted into the Disney “Princess World” as I think she should be. I have just rewatched the Hunchback of Notre Dame and I feel like the movie is brilliant. It teaches so many important lessons in a realistic way … well as realistic as Disney can. It brings up issues like lust, prejudice, emotional abuse, accepting others who are different, having a positive self-image, showing kindness, letting God be a part of your life … I could go on. Seriously, I could just go on and on about the brilliant messages taught in this movie. But I think the best part of the movie is Esmeralda.
Esmeralda is a strong, confident woman. She has a fantastic self image, she is kind, she is witty, she can fight back, she is willing to stand up for what is right, she turns to God in her despair, and she treats everyone as an equal. She is smart. And it is clear that people love her. Frollo is burning up Paris to get her and still people will not turn her in. She is respected. She also thinks of others and not just herself. The woman has every quality of a strong woman. I also love her because she still needs help. She can’t do everything alone. She needs people. I don’t know … I just love her.
I also love her relationship with Quasi and Pheobus. Esmeralda and Phoebus are so great together. I love their witty banter. I love that her strength turns Phoebus on. And I love his goodness. I love that they are two individuals that come together rather than it being a thing where they just aren’t complete until they are together. It’s like their completeness makes something fantastic. IF that even makes sense. And I feel like Esmeralda sincerely thinks of Quasi as a good friend. That may suck for Quasi but she is there for him. She really is. And I like that Pheobus and Quasi clearly become friends at the end too. Phoebus is also so cool when it comes to the Quasi situation … he can tell the boy loves her and he never rubs it in Quasi’s face that he has the girl.
One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Quasi has saved Esmeralda from the flames and he is holding her on the cathedral roof and he yells sanctuary. It literally brings me to tears. Maybe because it shows that the innocent and the good need sanctuary. We all do. Sometimes we need to get away from the world and just be in a place dedicated to God. Not only that but it is such a symbol of God being a protection.

I also love the song “Out There” that is sung from Quasimodo. How he sees the world … I think we forget do often to see how beautiful the world is. I know this whole post is so random and scattered but I just have so many thoughts running through my brain. I love the Hunchback of Notre Dame so much. And I like that we get to see Frollo for the evil guy that he is. All of the other Disney villains are so frequently “dumbed” down … in a melodramatic way. Frollo is just legitimately horrible. He is racist, abusive, murderous and lustful and horrible. And I think it is good know those things are in the world. Monsters exist in the form of humans but so do angels. I just love the movie so much. And Esmeralda is my hero!

This had some funny parts I thought . . .

Stupid Movie

Juan and I have had no luck lately on the movie scene. Tonight we watched the movie, The Women (we were bored). There were no men in it all. Like literally. Streets, stores, etc only women. Ugh. And it tried to go through every single issue a woman has to go through. I am just curious to see the sequel, The Men. That would be more entertaining for me because at least a couple could be attractive. I hate films, movies, tv shows that try to shove something like that down my throat. Guess what I’m a woman. I already know the crap I have to go through and its not like every man cheats on his wife and is horrible. In fact, most men don’t. Do you know what would have made that movie better? Men. I will say this … Meg Ryan’s hair was fabulous. Other than that … it was just a really obnoxious film. What have Juan and I decided? We like movies with men and women.

A Happy Birthday

I’ll be honest. I was kind of dreading the day. March 5th just meant I was one year older… but the day itself turned out better than expected. My friend UK (she is also my choreographer) spent the night. In the morning the phone rang at seven. I didn’t pick up. The phone rang again. I woke up … and it was Renbeth and Isaac. Isaac sang to me which was the perfect way to start the morning. Then we went to Angies (which besides Wecks is one of the best Breakfast places ever) and I ordered a fruit Belgian waffle and more importantly hot chocolate (their hot cocoa is my favorite thing because they use this amazing thick whip cream– so so good). While we were there two of my graduated students were there eating breakfast with an old teacher. They come over and scoot into the booths with me and UK. They then proceed to announce loudly to everyone that it was my birthday. It’s good I have Juan as my brother so I don’t embarrass easily. Anyway, this guy who was just eating by himself noticed (how could he not) and smiled then later when he left he wished me a happy birthday. It was way cool. I wish more random people talked to me and I wish I was brave enough to talk to strangers and wish them good days, or give compliments, etc but that is an entirely different tangent.
Anyway, it was so nice to have my students come talk to us. One of the boys is from my group of boys. Let me explain. My first year of teaching there was this one group of boys that were over all great boys, something drove me nuts, but all around made me super happy. Their senior year they would come and visit me or be my aide. Now that they have graduated I attend all of their missionary farewells. They are such a great group of guys and I totally want my cousin to marry one of them. I’m working on getting her to USU around the same time they will return from their missions. Hee hee.
At breakfast UK and I discussed the perfect date. We had very similar ideas. But I got really excited for mine. So, I am going to write it here. My perfect date starts with a motorcycle.

Okay it’s like 8:00am and he rides up with his motorcycle (I’m being dead serious) [oh and it is like summertime] He pulls out a map, covers my eyes and I just have to point to somewhere random. Then we ride out to that random city and find a diner to eat breakfast. Next we go to an amusement park or fair. We walk around booths, go on a few rides. He wins me a teddy bear. : ) And we get something like hotdogs or some other fair/amusement park food for lunch. Then we head to a museum. I prefer art or history. And we spend a couple hours there commenting on anything and everything. Then we go to one of those places where they have you make your own food but an amazing chef directs you. And we totally make our own delicious dinner (maybe have a flour fight) and after that is done he takes me back to my place for just a short while (so I can change into something a little more fancy) and he changes too into a brown suit. Then we go to the theatre and see something glorious like Jeckyll and Hyde or Beauty and the Beast. After that we go back to my place and enjoy some time there. ; ) Needless to say I would want to know the guy I went on this date with really well. And I would have to like him alot. Anyway, doesn’t that sound so amazingly pleasant?
Okay, moving on. So after breakfast I went home and played some wii sports. I kicked butt. Especially, in the boxing. I’m not really surprised. I excel at punching things. Ha! Then Juan came over and we defeated another world in Mario.
Next Juan and I met up with Daddyboy and we went and saw the Adjustment Bureau. Something I have wanted to see for a really really long time. IT was good and interesting. It had some concepts in the film that totally correlated with Gospel things. Ha ha. I’m serious. Anyway, I enjoyed it. It’s not my new favorite or anything but I found it enjoyable.
After that I went to my parents house. Daddyboy, mom and I went to the school park to shoot some hoops. I lost the game of Horse. Sad day. Then mom went home and Daddyboy and I came up with a new game called Rebounder/ Seabound or the Rebound. I was dang good and in the lead for most of the game but then Daddyboy won 21-18. Ah well. Great game. Then we went home and the parents played X-men Under Siege with me. I totally won. Hee hee. It was an X-men game. Then Juan came home. I talked with my Jean on the phone and then it was time for dinner. Jumbalya and garlic bread with Ginger snap cookies for dessert. Mmm mmmm good is all I can say. Then I opened presents from my parents. Got a blender and microwave which I am totally stoked about. Then we watched Shanghai Noon as a fam. I love Owen Wilson.
Then I went home and watched two episodes of Bones. Yes, the day was very good. And I got many sweet comments from people on facebook wishing me happy birthday.

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

So,I watched this movie on netflix watch instantly and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s a very clean, feel good movie (which sometimes movies in this category are tacky and not great) but this movie was enjoyable. I really liked it. So, I recommend it. That is all. : )

Go see Knight and Day!!!

Brilliant, hilarious film. Go see it if you just want to be happy for a couple hours. : )

500 Days of Summer

Brilliant. I love this movie. Brilliant. Did I mention that it was brilliant? Because it was. Love, love, love it. I love how realistic it was. I loved the humor. I loved the music. I loved the filming. I loved the acting. I loved the story. I loved it. (I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t see it Renbeth. Because it really was excellent. And it is one I think you and Gretchen would enjoy.) I have seen it twice in theatres. I would go again. Guadalupe and I just adore it and talk about it often. After Juan saw the film his exact words coming out of the theatre was “That movie was outstanding.”  And it is. Brilliant.


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