The Twelfth Doctor

Today, the 12th Doctor was announced on the BBC. Peter Capaldi.
I saw a short interview with him and he seems pleasant enough. It sounds so silly but I am so nervous to have a new Doctor. I know I have been through three so this shouldn’t be a big deal but it is. It always is. When Chris left I was sad, when David left I was devastated and when I think of Matt leaving my heart aches. At the same time I have loved all of the replacements. Of course, it helped that I had Punk’s reassurance that I would like the new one. This time I don’t have that because I am all caught up with Punk and so we’ll be watching Peter for the first time together.
Here is the thing. This show is a huge part of my life right now (which I get also sounds silly) but I love it. It is my number one favorite show of all times. This is a big deal because I love so many television shows.
Anyway, I have certain expectations for what the Doctor should be and is … and I’m scared of being let down. I think many people feel this way. No pressure for the new guy. Ha.
Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Peter portrays the Doctor. The thing is they are all a little different and the same. Well, break a leg Peter and don’t mess up my show. Please. 🙂 For the records, I have high hopes for him.

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