The epiphany I had with my two favorite tv shows and my love life …

So, my two favorite shows in life are The Vampire Diaries and Doctor Who. I am pretty sure everyone knows this about me and if they don’t … they don’t know me very well. Anyway, I had this epiphany like the titles suggests concerning my love life and my two favorite shows.
Now, please note that I am talking of the shows as a whole and I am not talking about the men in the shows. This isn’t a Damon vs. The Doctor thing. This is about what each of the shows are and how they effect me.
I feel like these two shows in many ways represent the kind of guy I fall for on a regular basis and the kind of guy that I will actually end up marrying. Now just go with me on this …
The Vampire Diaries is the kind of guy I fall for all the time. There is the attraction, the passion, the clever, witty, charming lines. There is adventure, risks, the fighting for something, etc. And there are these moments in the show that make me so so happy. But other times I get so frustrated every episode with the characters because I adore them so much but they just keep doing stupid things that screw up their relationships. And things can be so soap opera-ish like and I just want to throw something at the tv screen. And let’s be honest this is the kind of guy I typically fall for. The not super active Mormon, but he’s charming and clever, and I am so very attracted to him. And he talks about exciting things and we have good conversation and I have these moments of just feeling like the happiest girl alive and then … I get so frustrated. And he does things that makes me unhappy. And I don’t know what is going on and I just want to throw something. I fall for guys that I adore but aren’t really good for me. (Please note that I am not saying Vampire Diaries isn’t good for me. Ha ha) But more like the people in the show keep having these unhealthy relationships.
And I think this is my problem. I am so drawn to these guys … that are delightful in so many ways but … they aren’t what I really want/need.
They aren’t Doctor Who. Doctor Who is nerdy, charming, so nerdy and good, and I don’t get frustrated. I mean I cry in episodes but it’s not out of frustration it’s because I’ve lost someone I have grown to just adore. The main characters are changing but the change is never bad. IT is full of adventure and it makes me think and laugh. Oh it totally makes me laugh all the time. And it’s clean and good and I watch it with my parents.
I want a guy like that. Someone that is good, funny, attractive, nerdy, out to save the world, progressing, adventurous, changing in good ways, intelligent, willing to try new things, has an appreciation for people, never walking away when there is a problem … This is the kind of man I need.
Vampire Diaries Man is intriguing but makes me want to scream.
Doctor Who Man is what I am waiting for.
I love them both but let’s be honest … I need to marry the Doctor Who guy. If this means I should actually marry Matt Smith I am totally cool with that. Whatevs.

I’m Annoyed

The amount of people in my age group 25-35 with no ambition is unbelievably irritating. What happened to dreams? And motivation? And wanting something out of life? I just seriously want to scream every time I ask someone what they want to do and they respond with “I don’t know, something I don’t have to work very hard at.” What the crap kind of answer is that? What happened to aspirations. Why are people not into work? I am seriously peeved right now. Mainly because every time I get set up with guys closer to my age they all seem to be lacking any sort of ambition. And the guys I keep telling myself it won’t work with because they are doofuses … they have ambition. They have goals and dream jobs. And I just am so angry at the fetching world. And I get that maybe it is the area I am in. I just want someone with balance. I don’t want someone who does nothing but work but I also don’t want someone who has no desire and no drive. AHHHHHHHHH!
I think it has been decided. I need a fictitious man that does not exist or is already married. Congratulations to me.
Wow this sounds super pessimistic of me. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. I’m simply annoyed. And I just really don’t have a lot of hope in reality.


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