Valentines Day and TVD

Okay this post is just going to be a quick response to the episode tonight. I may do a more detailed thing later.
Love the line where Damon says that his skin is flawless. I love that Elena realized she is okay without the cure. It’s about fetching time. I don’t fully understand why Caroline wouldn’t go with Tyler except that maybe she felt she could keep Klaus around so he’s not hunting her man. I love love love that Katherine finally showed up. It is interesting to think that she’d want the cure … unless she wants it to cure Klaus. But maybe she does want it for herself. Weird. I also don’t believe Jeremy is dead. He has the ring. Bonnie was again awesome. She’s just pleasing me more and more. I’m irritated Stefan didn’t tell Damon that Elena doesn’t want the cure. I think this is because Stefan planned on giving it to her anyway. I believe Stefan would force the cure on Elena. Which is so obnoxious. I wish Elena would be more … I don’t know. I just wish she would give more to Damon than she does. But whatevs. Over all, this was a great episode and I really want to re-watch it. Oh I also loved that Jeremy pulled Bonnie out of her trance with her Grams. Okay I’m good.

Damon’s Choice

Once again note that this entry will have spoilers.
I should probably be more like Renbeth and organize my thoughts better but I need to react to the latest episode and therefore I am just going to react.

First off, let me state that this episode left me unsatisfied. I wanted the curse thing to have just been taken care of. As I have said before I am not a fan of this “cure.” Although, I do think it poses an interesting dilemma to the characters. Because it is the most on my mind, I will start with Damon and Elena first.
Okay, here’s the thing. Damon is a good vampire … no he is great one. He rocks at the whole kicking trash/protecting/ drinking blood, etc. And although I don’t think Damon always likes who he is … he has accepted who he is. Stefan loathes himself and lies to everyone else (including himself) about who he is. Stefan doesn’t want to accept what he is. I wasn’t surprised at all that Damon would not want to be human. When Elena first addresses the idea to him at the start of the episode … you can see it in his face. He doesn’t see him as human as being a real thing. He wouldn’t be Damon as a human. It would be like finding a cure for freckles and me taking it and not having freckles. That would be messed up. Okay, it isn’t exactly like that but you get my point. I also see where Elena is coming from. And I don’t think she is trying to reject Damon for who he is. I think she legitimately wants to grow old with him. But the problem is Damon doesn’t see it. I don’t see it. Don’t get me wrong. I want Damon and Elena to be with each other more than any other couple on the show … but I see them as vampires not humans. I think Damon does want Elena to choose to be a vampire … just like Elena wants Damon to be human. It made me sad when Damon made reference to not being Stefan. Here’s the thing. I don’t think Elena would be happy with Stefan in human form either. Stefan sucks either way. Elena sees this happy ending dream world where she and Damon get married, have kids, grow old and live human lives. But how can she seriously think that is an option? She’s the doppleganger. As she realized in the third season … all of the stuff that happened to her wasn’t because of the Salvatores. Okay, yes, things happened to her because of them but she was yanked into the supernatural world the day she was born. And if both she and Damon are human … heck I’d give them maybe three years. All of their friends are vampires, witches, werewolves. Not to mention they will be releasing the evil Silas. Without the supernatural she’s a dead woman. She can’t escape the supernatural world. But she can be a part of it. She can be strong, take care of herself as a vampire and be with Damon. I don’t think Damon was awful for turning down the “let’s be human together.” I think he’s a vampire and he knows it. I still think Damon and Elena can work … should work. Because I don’t think Elena can really be human again either. I certainly don’t want her to be so I get why Damon doesn’t want her to be either. And it has nothing to do with the dumb make believe sire bond. It has to do with who he is.
Shane. He just became so lame to me in this episode. He’s just a stupid guy like the preacher person. He’s a puppet in Silas’ plan. That’s so boring to me. I don’t know. I wanted him to be smarter. And can I just say that I called the whole “sacrifice Jeremy” right at the beginning of the episode. I was like, “really?” OF course, they have now conveniently brought in another hunter so that Jeremy doesn’t have to die and they can still release Silas. I’m not sure I love that. I wish they had made higher stakes. Release Silas a different way without meaning to.
I do still like Bonnie. Yes, she feels like she is under Shane’s control but I don’t think she is. What I mean is I think she has more control of herself than she realizes. And this could be a great chance for her to prove that. I did kind of enjoy the beginning scene with her and Jeremy as she is “forced” to study him shirtless. Ha ha.
I hate to admit it but Rebekah made some solid points. Elena isn’t innocent. And Rebekah hasn’t done anything that someone else in the gang would not do for the people they love. Heck, Elena staked Rebekah when she felt it was the only way to save her loved ones. It’s one of those, “We really aren’t that different” things. Don’t get me wrong. I like Elena way more than Rebekah. Rebekah is pouty and has tantrums but she has had legitimate reason to not adore Elena. Rebekah liked Stefan. He chose Elena. Elena pretends to be her friend and then literally stabs her in the back (or was it front), Elena has been responsible for the death of two of her family members, Klaus has picked Elena and his hybrids over Rebekah. It would be weird for Rebekah to like Elena. And it makes sense that Elena doesn’t like Rebekah. Some girls are just not meant to be BFF. I don’t love the Elena, Stefan and Rebekah being friends/working together. Gag. I just want Rebekah and Stefan to be all human with each other and for Elena to be like, “I’m cool with who I am. Damon, let’s make out and be a gorgeous vampire couple that kicks butt.” Whatever. I did love Rebekah’s response to Damon asking why he was there and her saying he had a nice behind. Ha. Great moment.
Klaus and Caroline. One, Tyler should have known better. The goose egg. But it was amazing the amount of pride he had to discard to save Caroline. I mean to just leave the woman he loves dying with the man he hates more than anything in life … that’s humility and love. Now, every now and then I have enjoyed some moments with Caroline and Klaus but I am actually pretty furious with Klaus. I mean he purposely bit the woman he “loves” to get back at Tyler. I loved that Caroline reminded Klaus about Jenna’s death. Thank you! I needed that reminder. Klaus is plain awful. He does just do things to be a dick and I don’t feel sorry for him. Caroline should not forgive him for what he did in this episode. Seriously, I will be so mad at her if she does. I am all for forgiveness but Klaus does not deserve Caroline’s forgiveness. He deserves to have Tyler rip him to shreds. And I hope people don’t find his actions romantic. He’s sick. And if Caroline and Klaus ever were in a relationship that would be the most abusive, horrible relationship ever. He’s bitten her twice and saved her. That isn’t heroic. If a guy tried to drown his girl friend twice and then give her cpr to revive her … sick. Or if a guy poisoned his girl friend and gave her the anecdote … sick.
Now, who is the mysterious guy or girl on the island. Now, I’d like it be Alaric, magically returned to never leave the show again. I don’t see that happening. Ha. Maybe it will be Matt showing off some new mad skills he has suddenly developed. A part of me wondered if Anna was there for Jeremy. Of course, they already had major closure so that probably isn’t it. I guess it could be an entirely new character. I would kind of love it to be Liz. Just cause everyone would be like, “What?!” (ha ha this is more of a joke). Now, Elijah would be awesome! I am all for that.
Okay, I need to go to bed. I have to get up super early tomorrow.
Oh but one more thing. Damon totally cares about Bonnie. He would never let anything happen to her. Damon cares about all of them. Okay, I’m done now. I can’t wait to read Renbeth’s post and hear Mitzi’s thoughts. Sorry if mine really were all over the place and doesn’t make sense. Thinking out loud on paper. 🙂

Loved the crying song …

I fell in love with this song instantly the moment I heard it in this weeks episode of PLL. I just want Toby and Spencer to be together. I am actually really happy with how they have had Spencer react to the whole ordeal with Toby. She isn’t moping but she is definitely grieving. I don’t know … I love Spencer. I also love Toby and think he is good. And I love this song. Like uber much.

Good Choices TVD characters …

The following post will contain spoilers from the most recent episode so if you haven’t watched it yet … don’t continue reading. I am just so happy with the last episode that I must make commentary on the whole thing.

Okay I have so many thoughts and I’m just gonna go for it.
One, I am so happy with the Stefan and Rebekah relationship. I’d be fine if that just keeps happening and developing. Rebekah suits Stefan. I love that Stefan didn’t stake her (well …have Matt stake her) Rebekah is staked far too often. I also like the scenes with them doing their 80’s dance thing. Rebekah has wanted to go to a dance since the beginning. She wants to be human. This has been clear ever since she showed up … getting involved with every high school activity and Miss Mystic Falls, etc. Rebekah has always tried to fit in. And her dysfunctional family has always stopped that from happening. Rebekah has had good reason not to trust Stefan. And I still don’t think she should. I don’t think anyone should. Of course, this is because I hate Stefan. The point is … I liked how most of their time at the dance did not include talk of Elena. Yes, she was mentioned but most of the conversation was geared around other things like Lexi and trying to figure out what they both really want. Here is the thing. I think Stefan not having Elena to make him “human” is so healthy for Stefan. He is having to come to grips with who he is. Okay I’m not sure he’ll really do this but not being with her gives him the potential. The truth is I think Stefan benefits just as much as Elena does by them not being together. As I said before Rebekah suits Stefan. They see each other more realistically and they are more the same in character too.
I love it when we watch Matt and Jeremy playing their video games and saying they are training. IT makes them teenage boys again. And then Kol is playing it later. I don’t know for some reason it just amused me.
I also love that they have a high school dance going on almost one out of every three episodes. Ha ha. Can I make a comment here? Where the crap is Caroline and Tyler? They have just kind of disappeared?
I think it is interesting having both of Bonnie’s parents suddenly trying to get back into her life when they both deserted her for most of her childhood. Now they care? Now they come in and try to tell her what to do? I basically loved that Bonnie was like “Screw you!” I don’t love that Shane seems to have control over her but I do feel like she is starting to be less pathetic. I was so pleased with her ability to trap Klaus when so often it is Klaus trapping Bonnie into doing things she doesn’t want to do. It was nice pay back and I would feel complete joy if Bonnie was the one to get rid of Klaus (I don’t mean death cause that would kill all the other vampires I love but you know she should have him go away and he can be on his own originals show). Bonnie is constantly getting walked over which is one of the reasons I’m not a fan. I also feel like Bonnie is starting to at least accept Damon. I also loved her line “I don’t belong to the spirits anymore. I belong to myself.”
Okay one of my all time favorite parts of the episode was the Damon and Klaus conversation. Allow me to remind …
Damon and Klaus are discussing how Damon has done horrible thing.

Klaus:Ah yes, for the love of Elena. How is it that she manages to overlook every horrific thing you’ve ever done. Is it willful ignorance or perhaps something more pathological?
Damon: Some people are just more capable of forgiveness than others. I bet you score a negative five hundred in that realm.
Klaus: Come on, there must be a secret. It can’t just be the sire bond. What is it? Compulsion? Manipulation? What is it you say to her?
Damon: I think this has something to with a certain blond vampire. I think you murdered Carol Lockwood and I think you’re worried Caroline will never forgive you.
Klaus: You’ve done worse.
Damon: Debatable. See I don’t mind being the bad guy. Because someone needs to fill that role and get things done. You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dick.
Klaus: Debatable.
Damon: If you’re gonna be bad, be bad with purpose. Otherwise, you’re just not worth forgiving.

I mean how fetching great is this? One, you see Klaus showing his weakness for Caroline. Two, you see Damon explaining the difference between the two of them. Damon knows he does jerky things but he flat out states he has a reason. Klaus is just a maniac. I also love that Klaus again looks to Damon to solve his problem (everyone always goes to Damon). I have a strong belief that Klaus has this bizarre respect for Damon. Damon gets things done. I don’t know how else to express how happy I am about this conversation. Damon is just so much more awesome than all the other guys on this show. The only one I would have ever said equaled him in awesomeness is Alaric. I also found the later conversation with Klaus interesting as well. Klaus talking about how Stefan and Elena are meant to be. And he tries to make Damon feel bad about not resisting the compulsion. And how nice and convenient that the water Stefan brought Damon happened to be tap water. 🙂
I liked Elena and Jeremy fighting off Kol together. And I’m glad they killed Kol. It was a decision the two of them made without any outside force and they followed through without anyone else’s help. Which was just nice for the Gilberts. No one else dictated what they should do, how to do it, etc. (Side note: I also loved Elena stepping out of the stake.)
Klaus’ tissy fit about Kol dying … he stakes his siblings for kicks and giggles. I do not get his sense of family. I also thought his reasonings for wanting to find the cure was fascinating. Him claiming he didn’t want the hybrids he wanted to destroy it. I have a hard time fully believing this. Because why not just leave it buried instead of finding it? I guess he doesn’t want a chance for anyone else to find it before him. I am surprised Rebekah responded so well to finding out Kol had been killed. Kol was obnoxious … he served his purpose. He warned them about Silas (which is foreboding) and he made it possible for Jeremy to get the map without killing a ton of innocent people. And now he is out of the way. Lovely. I must admit I am curious for next week.
Damon rubbing the Rebekah thing in Stefan’s face. Interesting. A little petty. But you know what I think he has a right to shove it in Stefan’s face that Stefan does horrible things when he is hurt too. Here is another difference between the two though. Damon and Rebekah both slept together for the sake of it. (which isn’t great) but Stefan knows there is an emotional attachment there. I was also pleased when Damon punched Stefan when he said the sire bond comment.
Okay, I should be done now. Just I love my show so much. I cannot express how happy it makes me. And I’m so excited to read Renbeth’s post about it.

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