Going Natural

So, I have this deep desire to be healthier and go more natural. Such as use natural products, eat more natural foods, etc. I’m not in anyway entering a hippie realm, or not wanting anything store bought, pre-made,etc. and I plan on still taking Motrin during my time of the month but I really would like to use nature for my benefit. I was watching an infomercial (not proud of this but it is my summer) and it was for this product called Wen. IT is for your hair. Of course, the infomercial says all these grand things about it but then when I read reviews on the product I got massive mixed reviews. It was on one end of the spectrum or the other. So then I make a shout out on facebook . . . still mixed reviews. So, then I was thinking maybe I should just make my own conditioner. I found this website called http://www.squidoo.com/Hair-Conditioner . . . and it has some ideas like using honey, bananas, avacado, etc. Oh and beer. Wouldn’t that be funny me buying beer for my hair. Anyway, I am intrigued. I may start doing some experiments. I’ll be sure to report if I find anything fabulous.
I also need to find a motivator to work out because I have just not been feeling it lately. All I am interested in doing is walking. I guess dance excites me. But personal dance parties usually only last like ten minutes before I start feeling weird. Ha ha. Hmmm.


So, today on my lovely walk around a lake I was listening to music and a couple songs came on (I had it on shuffle) and they made me think of people in my life and it got me thinking about what songs make me think of what people. Now some people (such as loved ones, boys I’ve liked, etc. have more than one song– some people have dozens) but I thought I would write down like a main song that makes me think of certain people. This post could be very boring for other people but I decided it would be fun for me. And who knows you may have a song that makes me think of you. (I have decided to put a musical artist with a couple people-mainly family- that makes me think of you just overall- I will put these in parenthesis)

Me: Here With Me- Dido (Avril Lavigne)
Daddyboy- Everything I Do- Bryan Adams (Alabama)
Mom- Unexpected Song (Carpenters)
Renbeth: It’s All Coming Back to Me Now- Celion Dion (Tori Amos)
Juan: Little Black Back Pack- Stroke 9 (Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead)
Best Friend: Pirates Gospel- Alele Diane (Ingrid Michaelson)
Little Ash: Cry- Faith Hill
Seanzie: Somebody Like You- Keith Urban
Louie: Amazing Grace
Nan J/Chelsea: Everywhere- Michelle Branch (Michelle Branch and Josh Groban)
Chelle Belle: Would You Go With Me- Josh Turner
Kesara and Beth: I Refuse- Sense Field
Punk- Smile- Uncle Kracker
Curt- Forever- Uncle Jesse and the Rippers
Elder Spears- On Fire- Switchfoot
Gemma- To Make You Feel My Love- Adele
Cole- Need to Be Next to You- Leigh Nash
Devin- In the End- Linkin Park

Next I want to put a couple combos . . .

Parents: Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go- Alabama
Siblings: A Whole New World and I Just Can’t Wait to be King- Disney
Juan and Little Ash: Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne
Gemma and Miller: Love Story- Taylor Swift

Okay that’s all for the moment. I am sure there are more. And as I said before there is usually more than one song with people. Those were just the main ones to come to mind.

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