Catch Up or Ketchup

So, I haven’t posted in a really long time. I’ve been rather busy. Let’s see what to discuss first. Well, good news sounds like a nice first topic. When I became in charge of the drama department at my school two years ago … it was in massive debt. Massive. But I just found out on Friday that I got us out of the hole. So, that was legit. My students performed well in their Winter play. Now we are moving on to competition, the variety show, inductions, and our workshop for little kids. Needless to say … there has been no break. But I suppose it is good and healthy to stay busy.
I have also made some shifts in my personal life. For one, I’m trying online dating. I got this idea from my sister, which was then re-suggested by my Bishop. Not really my kind of thing but it is true I’m not meeting people my own age. And here is the deal … I want to stay in the area I am at so badly. I love love love love love my job. IT is my happiest thing. But I can’t keep having a completely dead social life. So, I plan on moving in the next year. But I feel sad about leaving my job … my kids. I’d rather stay. So, I’m in this new kick to fight to stay. So, I’m trying online dating and I am process of moving to a different area so that I can maybe stay. We’ll see how it goes. The important thing is I know what I want and I’m willing to fight for it. I’ve made a deal with God. After try everything I can this year to be social and still nothing is happening … I’ll go. I guess we’ll see what happens.
Other topics … I’m really tired of them killing Alaric on Vampire Diaries. He is one of my favorites and it upsets me greatly every time. Two, I’m starting to dig the Caroline/Klaus thing. Although I’ll feel somewhat bad for Tyler. Three, Elena is driving me nuts. Normally, I like her just fine but urgh! Four, why does Damon have to lash out. He’s a complete hazard to himself. I still love him. Five. Stefan is an idiot. And I’m sick of them making it seem like he is the good guy. He is so not a good guy. Done.
I am watching the Bachelor. I know … stupid. You don’t have to tell me. I know. But I have been watching it anyway. And I am so ticked off. Ben keeps Courtney (one of the most horrible chicks I have ever seen) and kicks off Kacie B.? Probably the most normal girl on the show. I do like Lindsi and I liked Emily. Ben is so dumb. I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. Not going to lie. I think he deserves Courtney at this point.
Let’s see … I’ve started watching White Collar. Excellent.
I need to start exercising again. I’ve been really bad. Hmmm …. yeah I think that sums up my life at the moment. Ha ha.

On My Own

So, lately I’ve been stressed and trying to figure my life out. And even now I feel like crying (totally blaming my period on that though). The point is this morning I was in my car listening to Sirius XM and I was on the broadway station and the song On My Own from Les Miserable was on. And it made me instantly smile because it was a song I sang with my sister, Renbeth, when we were younger. I remember this one time (mainly cause it is on video) where we were singing the song and I was acting out the words all literal like and it was making Renbeth laugh so hard. We couldn’t even finish the song. Then my mom, who was playing the piano and had her back turned to us, turned to get an explanation. And Renbeth was all “You don’t even understand what she was doing!” Anyway, I had to laugh out loud in my car when I thought about it. It made me so happy because I love making my sister laugh. She has a beautiful laugh. And although the rest of the day was stressful and I still feel blug … it was a happy memory moment I really needed. “The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers …”

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