I Wish it was Last Year

If it was this day a year ago I would have been in a stinkin’ good mood. Classes would have gone well, my first rehearsal would have been amazing. I would have been giddy, getting all dressed up for my date tonight. I would be on cloud nine as I anxiously waited to see _________ after having him gone for the weekend. I would be getting kissed tonight. But it’s not last year. It’s now. And instead I’ve had one of the most exhausting crappy days at work and I have nothing really to look forward to this evening. I’ve had so many students complain about the parts they were given, not given, etc. I’ve had students drop the musical cause they didn’t get the part they want. Seriously, I just want to run away and hide in a little cave and watch Dr. Who while eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. I just feel so discouraged and bogged down with all the stuff I need and should be doing. For all who read this don’t panic. It’s just one of those days. I’m sure I’ll be fine the moment Best Friend comes home from Frisbee. We all know I can’t stay urgh for long. I just . . . wish I had something as happy to look forward to tonight as I did a year ago. But you know what . . . it’s all good. The world is a beautiful place.

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