Dr. Who

So, Punk convinced me that I needed to watch this popular BBC show called Dr. Who. Basically it is a series that has been around forever. There is this guy called The Doctor and he time travels and goes on adventures in the TARDIS (basically a time machine), saving the world, chillin’ with famous historical figures, gets in little scrapes, etc. It was a show that was early on in the 70s or 80s. I can’t recall but the BBC brought it back in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston playing the 9th doctor. That comment probably makes no sense to you if you have never seen the doctor. Allow me to explain just a bit. The doctor changes. In all, I believe there have been eleven doctors. It’s hard to explain but basically the main guy changes every few seasons. I’m addicted to the show. The first couple episodes seemed a little silly (more because of the special effects than anything- but let’s be fair … it was made in 2005). The point is the show is fun. The Doctor’s character is bizarre … mysterious and quirky. And sometimes he ticks me off and other times I just can’t help but smile. I’ve just finished the first season (2005) and I’m about to be introduced to a new doctor (Punk’s favorite– David Tennant). But I shall miss Christopher Eccleston so much. I find I get attached to people in shows … especially the main ones. At least I know Rose (his traveling buddy) will still be around. Anyway, it’s a delightful show and I wanted to say it.

This had some funny parts I thought . . .

What I Would Do With a Magic Wand …

I felt really inspired to write about this. I saw it on these prompt ideas they give you and I just thought, “Man, the people have to know.” So here is what I would do. I would first get Adam Brody to fall in love with me. Second, I would improve my wardrobe. Third, i would eat buffalo wings like all the time. Four, I would put lizards on people that were ticking me off. And five, I would let the wand grade my papers. Yep, those five things sound good. I’m sure I would enjoy other things too. Man, I feel so much better getting these thoughts out and I would never have thought of them on my own.

Awkward Situation

I have told this story to several people but in case you have not heard my sad tale . . . here it is. Tuesday morning I woke up and saw that I had a text awaiting me on my phone. It was from a number I had never seen before and it was sent at like 1am. The text went as follows (this is from memory) “Hey Freckles (this was actually my real name not Freckles), this is Whitney. Sorry this text is so late but Michelle and I want to go to lunch tomorrow at noon and you should come.” My first, thought is who is Whitney? I only know two. One is a past student (and how would she get my number) and the second was an acquaintance from an old ward … sure we say hi at the store but we’ve never hung out. I text back “Which Whitney is this?” It ended up being the second Whitney possibility (the acquaintance). I still found her offer random … I decided to check out facebook and see who this Michelle person is. It turns out we did have a mutual facebook friend named Michelle (another old student of mine). That’s when I figured they must have been talking and realized they both knew me and wanted to do lunch. Now, I thought about declining the offer but then I was like … you know what, I should go on a nice lunch outing. It might be a little weird but it was so sweet of them to ask. I agree to go. We decide to meet at this hamburger joint i had never heard of. When I got there I noticed a text from Whitney saying they would be late. I texted back that I was there and asked if I should just go in. I didn’t hear back right away and it was hot sitting in my car so I just went on inside. I looked the menu over and waited. Finally, Whitney entered. To my surprise the two girls with her were complete strangers to me. This was RED FLAG #1. I walk up to them and say hey. Whitney smiles at me and says hello. I say, “Thanks for inviting me.” She gives a weird blank look. RED FLAG #2. I say, “So do you guys eat here alot.” The two stranger girls nod. I say, “Well, I know what I want. Do you care if I order?” One of the girls I don’t know says, “You were here first.” I go up to the counter and hear RED FLAG #3. “Where’s Freckles? (Note my name is very common and I am just using Freckles for it). It fully hits me . . . they invited the wrong Freckles. I feel my face heat up as I attempt to order my food casually. The woman at the counter asks if we are all together. Final Red Flag #4, one of the other girls says “no.” The worst part of this situation is I was forced to wait for my food. I planned on getting it to go but I still had to wait. The woman at the counter asks the girls if they are ready to order. One of them says, “No, we are waiting for a friend.” And I’m just like in my head, “Your friend is not coming, darlings.” I considered texting them and saying “Sorry, I can’t make it.” So they wouldn’t think their friend was a jerk but I decided against that quickly. I instead texted Punk. His advice was to try and make it super awkward for them. Which would have been funny except to make it really awkward for them I would have to reveal to them they invited the wrong Freckles and I did not want a pity lunch. After, I got my food I quickly left the restaurant, saying a nice pleasant goodbye to Whitney. I then texted and explained there had been a misunderstanding. Whitney texted back and was all “This isn’t Freckles Hancey?” Nope. I told her who it really was and soon got a phone call with her apologizing profusely. I told her it wasn’t a big deal (cause now that I was out of the embarrassing/ awkward situation it wasn’t.) She offered to have me come back and join them for lunch. Ha. I rejected that idea. I told her not to worry and just to think of it as a funny story. Cause that is what it is. I have to say I played it pretty cool once I realized I was not actually invited to lunch. Anyway, I ended up just eating by myself at the park. Which was fine. I got good food out of it all. And I called Renbeth at the park so I wasn’t eating completely alone. Ha ha. Anyway, I now know to check if anyone random invites me to lunch. Good chances they are inviting a different Freckles.

Kids Rock

So the guy who does this, Tim Hawkins is pretty funny. I actually would consider buying this cd.

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