I feel like I am unsatisfied with what I have. I tend to want what is out of my reach and unrealistic . . . only in certain areas, of course. I am overall a very sensible person. There are just things I want to have happen. Ideas in my head that I just wish the Lord would be like “That is so what I think is best for you, Freckles. Let’s have that happen.” I’m just saying. It would be so nice. I mean over all I am way satisfied with what I have. Love my family, friends, job, where I am living/going to live, my new ward, zumba, soccer . . . all such great things. But there is just this one little area that happens to contain only my greatest desire and . . . yeah just not satisfied. What I really want is for this one guy to ask me out and for us to hit it off even better than we do now and I want us to fall into being best friends and then become madly in love with each other, he proposes in a totally original place on his knees and and I say yes. All my family and friends love him and he loves them. We get married and then a year or so later I can get pregnant and we can have like four kids and we just live happily ever after dealing with the woes and joys of the world. IS that really too much to ask for? I say, nay! Will I get a date with this certain guy that I just smile over? No.
So there really is no point to even have a crush on him. So, I don’t myself fall. Cause it is silly. So instead I will just stay where I am being unsatisfied cause I’m too chicken to risk the satisfaction I have with everything else. Sigh. Oh well. Moving on. Just wanted to say it. And I just . . . would it be bad to still pray for a date I don’t think will ever happen ( and even if it did there is no guarantee that anything would come of it)? Maybe I’ll be stupid. Ha ha. : )

The Civil Wars

So, the Civil Wars is this duo: Joy Williams and John Paul White. Someone had posted something about them on facebook so I decided to just take a gander since I was bored. The truth is I fell in love with them. The whole cd: Barton Hallows is pretty good. A couple songs . . . not my favorite but they overall had just a bunch of really great stuff. My two favorite songs are Poison and Wine and To Whom it May Concern. So I will post those here for your enjoyment.

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