So, I watched the pilot episode of this new tv show called Suits and I really enjoyed it. I felt like it was clever, quick and interesting. I’m actually way excited to see another episode of it. I think the show has really great potential. Just saying.

One sweet weekend after the next . . .

Okay the last couple weekends have been pretty sweet so although I should probably be going to be bed because I have to go to work tomorrow . . . I’m totally just gonna write about the happy things in my life at the moment.
Last weekend (June 10th I think) Best Friend, Juan, and T-Rev (Juan’s friend and our new buddy) went camping. It was way good. The guys built the fire as Best Friend and I put up the tent and toilet seat( this may sound funny but really I am a genius). Then we ate our dinner of hot dogs and spiked jello . . . and by spiked I mean Best Friend put sprite in it. Oh and then it started raining. So we played Poo Head in the tent and I was never the poo head but the rest were. And then we melted smores and T-rev put a piece of chocolate in his jacket and it melted and then he put his phone it. Very funny. And then we started to discuss what we would do if a serial killer showed up at our tent. Juan said he would just take the hatchet and slam it into Best Friend (cause the killer wouldn’t expect that) but Best Friend she would throw herself into the fire before he could. So he switched to killed me with the hatchet sweet brother that he is and T-rev would just hold on tightly to the paper towel. Awe good times. Then Juan pulled out his guitar and we wrote a song together called the Big Bad Wolf is Not so Bad. I can’t remember all the lyrics but basically the wolf is singing about how he was simply looking for his pa and he got caught up in the pig mafia. Very exciting. Anyway, it started to rain again so we went to the tent and just listed our top fives for a bunch of stuff. I of course, fell asleep first being the old person I am. Then in the morning we made breakfast burritos. Then we went home and played soccer. The four of us were terribly exhausted and we ended up on the same team and lost because we were so so dead. Ha. But it was way fun. They we all went home, showered, napped (okay we didn’t all nap. I napped) and then we grabbed two more peeps and went to a Volleyball tournament in South Jordan. We were invited by a friend of mine. The whole trip was a blast. We won all but won game. I was really impressed with us. We also played Horse. It was seriously so much fun.
On Monday I went to visit my Chelle Belle and L. Lee in Rexburg. I love them so so much and I just wanted to hold L. Lee’s new baby girl forever. Campus has changed so much it is ridiculous. And yeah it was just all kinds pleasant. I miss them so much.
Moving on to this recent past weekend. Friday, the campers went to Seven Peaks. The four of us had a delightful time. I only got a little burned n my back. Daddyboy was proud of me. I posted pics on facebook if anyone is interested. We spent the whole day there . . . didn’t get back till nine. I was not as brave at Seven Peaks as I was at Lagoon. But as much as heights scare me . . . drowning scared me more. Sigh. It was great fun. The next day we played soccer again. And we rocked. I feel like I have gotten so much better. Oh yeah! Then in the evening Best Friend joined my family to go see a Real Salt Lake soccer game (Best Friend had never seen a professional game before). I saw an old freshman college friend there which was crazy. The ref was stupid and our guys weren’t playing super well so we tied. But it was fun. One of my favorite things was we had these four guys sitting behind us talking loudly. And one of my favorite things is they were talking about taxes and how they take out so much for single men and that they all just wanted to get married but girls just wouldn’t commit. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. Anyway, the night was fantastic. Best Friend spent the night and in the morning we had pancakes and went to church together and it was just really good. Then we went to the parents house to celebrate Father’s Day, eat dinner and play games. I didn’t win any of the games. Sniff. I’m over it.
Next weekend may not be quite so great because Juan is leaving for Spain and I won’t see him in over a month which sucks cause he is my back up. The person I talk to/ chill with/ rant to/ complain to, etc. And Best Friend will be gone for the weekend. So my entire social life will be gone. Oh and my amazing Elanor (my choreographer) moved to Provo. Lame sauce all over. But at least the last two weekends have been beyond good.: )
PS. X-men First Class was a way good movie. : ) And Pretty Little Liars is back on again.

I miss . . .

several things. But at the moment I am missing my sister. It’s a good thing I am gonna go visit her in less than a month cause I am having major Renbeth withdrawals this morning. Love ya!

I Don’t know whether to be amused or very concerned . . .

So, an old student of mine messaged me on facebook and asked me what I thought of Sarah Palin’s history lesson on Paul Revere. I had not heard it so I youtubed it. And here it is . . .

Needless to say I was a bit horrified. How can you not know that Paul Revere warned the colonists that the British were coming. Seriously? And people think Obama is not American. If anyone votes for her I will seriously be concerned about their mental state because the woman is insane and totally not qualified to be leading anyone let alone an entire country. I told my student I would cry if she ever got voted in. Ha ha. My student agreed with me.
I totally get why people vote for Republican candidates . . . I do not however get how anyone could vote Sarah Palin in. I’m sure she is a nice person but dude . . . my favorite thing is that there are youtube videos where she is defending her answer and saying she was not wrong. I mean seriously!

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