Some Really Good Things . . .

Okay so starting Wednesday this week has been really good. One, Best Friend and I planted a garden at our new house that we will be living in coming this fall. It is so great. And it turns out guys are living there over the summer. And they aren’t bad looking and we have to water frequently and needless to say I feel good about all three of these things. We also ate lemon bread and drank orange juice which was just great. I also have Best Friend watching Vampire Diaries and it’s so much fun to see her reactions and I just love having an excuse to watch all the episodes again. Good decision on Renbeth’s part to buy me the first season. Feel free to buy me the second one too, my darling sister. : ) Hee hee.
On Thursday I got thrown into chaperoning the Boys State Soccer Championship game being played at Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake. Now, I am like the biggest soccer fan ever and half the team are my old students but I was originally not gonna drive down to Salt Lake but then they needed a chaperone so I was just like “Okay, it should be me.” I got Best Friend to go with me., She had never seen a full soccer game played before in her life!!! Anyway, the whole thing was a blast, riding on the bus with the students, cheering with them. It turns out we were playing against Mountain View (the High School in which my cousins went to and some of my cousins still go to). Now I knew my cousins had went there but for some reason I forgot I still had cousins in there. And I totally didn’t realize one of my cousins was on the other team. (I’m actually way sad I didn’t see them). Anyway, the game was intense. No goal the first half. We scored right away in the second. But then less than ten minutes to the end the other team made a goal. And man they kept getting down near our goal. I was freaking out. See, I feel kind of parental towards all my students and these were my boys on the field. Very stressful. Best Friend was just loving all of it. We went into overtime and man was it all kinds crazy. But then GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL! That’s right we won. My kids are State Champs (It’s the first time ever for our soccer team). Holy cow I was so super proud. The cheering was intense. The bus ride home was louder than the ride there and it was like eleven at night. So happy. And it was nice cause near the end a woman behind me asked if I was Miss Freckles and when I confirmed she told me she was the mom of one of the boy’s on the team and that he spoke way highly of me and loved me as a teacher. Again happiness!

Well, Best Friend and I didn’t get home till closer to Midnight and we were both up again by six in the morning because I convinced her to help chaperone Lagoon Day for the seniors at our High School. (Yes Best Friend is amazing to let me drag her into all of these High School events. Ha ha). We spent the day hanging out with my history colleague Gordo. And oh my gosh we had a blast. Seriously. Now, here’s the thing . . . I am terrified of heights. Rollercoasters freak me out. I had only ever been to Lagoon once before and I refused to go on any really scary rides. I’m a chicken. Well, I decided to be brave. The three of us went on Wicked first thing. I decided that if I did the ride that looked the scariest to me nothing else would seem quite so bad. I was scared to death but I like to try new things. Gordo and Best Friend had to trap me into the line once we got there. Allow me to show you pictures of this ride.

It first shoots you out way up high and then just drops you and then you go on all these sideways turns and then it does this cork screw thing were you are upside down. I was screaming bloody murder through it all. Best Friend and Gordo just laughed. Said my face was hilarious. It’s good to know they think my “I am gonna die” face is so funny. Ha ha. Oh dear. Anyway, my whole body was shaking afterwards. But it was wise to do the scariest one first cause then I was mostly fine on the rest. (I am not sure I can ever go on the Wicked again) We went on the Colossus which you go in loops and so are upside down twice. I actually liked that one. I went on it again with my student Blake. This was nice cause I have had Blake as a student every year since I started teaching. It is crazy he is now graduating. Then we went on the Moustrap . . . not my favorite. Okay I won’t list all the ones we went on cause that would be boring. My favorite ride is the White Rollercoaster. Which is funny cause people say that one scares them the most cause it is so old and rickety. I love it. We went on it 3 times. : ) My other favorite was the Bambora (I think this is the right name– I called it like a million things while we were there). This one was a nice smooth roller coaster that played Beach music. Loved it. We did a couple water ones I enjoyed but the being wet after wasn’t as fun. My students were so cute wanting me to go on rides with them. Oh I went on the rocket. This one shoots you way up high super fast. I had to hold Best Friend and Gordo’s hands I was so scared. But I did it! The only two things I did not do was go on Wicked again and I did refuse to try the Samuri. Just looking at it made me want to hurl. I guess I didn’t do the ace flying one or the Spider but I had done those the first time I went to Lagoon. Oh here is one of my favorite quotes from Best Friend. We were watching as Gordo went on the ace flying ride and he looked so happy. I was all “I wish I had a camera.” And Best Friend got all excited and was like “My camera has a phone on it!” Love her! The day was awesome but I was exhausted. I have already been feeling under the weather and the late night before, and early morning, and intense rides and constant screaming had me pooped. When we got back Best Friend and I went to Village Inn with our gift cards we got for chaperoning the soccer game. Then we went home and watched some Vampire Diaries until Juan came and we watched Castle and a movie. Okay they watched the movie. I was out. But the whole day was great.
Oh and Zooey Deschanel is coming out with a new tv show I am excited for. It is called The New Girl. I will include a preview at the end of this post. Oh and today I get to play soccer and my old and new drama presidency is having a dinner tonight that I am pumped for. Good weekend. Yes. The only sad thing is Best Friend is leaving me to go to a family reunion. Sniff. But I am so pumped because she invited me to a different family reunion with just her fam at the end of July. They go camping for a week and I am kind of stoked about that alot. : ) I love her family and camping. Happiness!

I’ve decided

I have decided to make a firm and bold decision. And I’m not really the strongest person when it comes to decisions like these . . . at least not for very long. But I think . . . I think it is time and I think I will be happier in the long run. And I’m not sure exactly how I will do at it. Because it is me and I . . . well it just is knowing me and how I am and yeah. Sorry I know I am kind of rambling here. But you know when you just want to tell people but you also don’t want to tell people . . . I just wanted to say it. Say that I am going to do it. Or rather I am going to stop dong something. Let’s just hope that I am strong enough. I am.

PS Pirates of the Caribbean IV was good. I enjoyed it. I think I will just pretend like the 2nd and 3rd ones didn’t happen. And be happy with my first and fourth movies. : )

Another Fan

I totally got Best Friend into the Vampire Diaries. Of course, it’s not hard to be hooked. She’s read the books. Which I have not. And it has been interesting to compare the two. I have decided I need to just read the books. I am sure it pretty different from the show with basic concepts the same. I am guessing this from the conversations Best Friend and I have. But I am thinking it is one of those things where you end up liking both. Anyway, I have decided that Vampire Diares (the book series) will be one of my first things to read over the summer break. Of course, I need to finish 1984 and this other book my colleague gave me to read . . . I can’t remember the name at the moment. The point is a lot of reading will have to be done. And I feel good about this. During the school year reading is not usually something I have a lot of time to do. And I’ll be honest . . . after a long day at work television shows are just appealing.
Last night was amazing. We had our first annual Oscars Night for my drama students. It was a huge success. Everyone was in formals and looked great. The awards went smoothly. I bought a new red dress that I just felt so pretty in. : ) I am gonna miss my seniors who are leaving.
I think I need to write something. I have all these scenes in my head but . . . I don’t know. I want to write but I also just don’t. I guess maybe I am tired of writing make believe. No . . . I don’t think its that. I think I am just in a rut. Something will come to me. It always does. Best Friend and I are writing a song together. It is fetching awesome.
Oh and today we played soccer. I love it so much. : ) Okay there is my little update.

Jon Schmidt not Pauline . . .

Okay Jon Schmidt is one of my most favorite musicians ever of all time. I have been to 3 or 4 of his concerts. And Juan made it possible for me to shake his hand once which was kind of a really big deal for me. I think the man is a brilliant composer and a charming performer. He’s hilarious too. Anyway, here is a video of friend of mine had posted on facebook and I just really love it and thought I would share. Cause I am sweet like that.

Thoughts on the finale . . .

First off, Elena and Damon in this episode . . . so cute. Damon was so sweet and I love him. 2) I’m fine with Stefan going off with Klaus. Maybe he’ll become more interesting. 3) One of my favorite moments in the whole episode is when Stefan calls Alaric and asks for help and Alaric is all “I don’t get to help. I get locked in the house and have to wait for my girlfriend to die.” And then Stefan says what happened to Damon and in an instant Alaric is all “What can I do?” I’m not gonna lie the more I see of Alaric the more attracted to him I am. He’s becoming a really close second to Damon. 4) I also love the father son moment with Alaric and Jeremy at the end. 5) I am wondering why child services haven’t shown up to Elena and Jeremy’s doorstep since they are both in high school with no guardian now. 6) I knew Elijah was dead the moment Klaus said he’d help him find his family. But I do think it is interesting that they are all in this warehouse thing. I think that will definitely come into play later. 7) So Jeremy sees dead people. This will be interesting. 8) It’s nice Caroline and her mom are on good terms now. I wonder how long that will last or if her mom is even being real with her. 9) Where was Tyler this episode? 10) I can’t wait to buy this season and rewatch all the episodes. Hee hee.

Being Wrong

I also found this talk to be interesting. You all should watch this and share thoughts.

A Couple of tears . . .

Okay, here are my thoughts on the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. 1) I will admit I shed a couple tears when Jenna died. Not so much because I loved Jenna a ton but more because man, Elena and Jeremy have lost so many people. It’s depressing. And they would totally have psychological problems at this point. But then again they have already been through so much . . . maybe they just are used to handling things. 2) I’m totally fine with John being dead. And it is about time he did something good. 3) I figured Elijah would change his mind. It’s irritating but oh well. 4) I’m glad they didn’t have Alaric go into this huge state of grief right away. I actually thought it was interesting how they have now made Alaric Elena and Jeremy’s father figure. Then again he has been that for awhile. But John just made it more official before he kicked the bucket. 5) I’m curious to see how they will save Damon. But they totally have to. 6) I feel okay with the Matt and Caroline breaking up. You know, Matt really isn’t like the others. He’s very normal and the whole vampire thing isn’t his scene. So I get why he backed out. And although I like him as a person more than Tyler . . . I feel like maybe Tyler and Caroline are better suited for each other. They feel each others’ pain. Plus I feel like Tyler is slowly growing a character I can appreciate. So, I’m okay with Caroline and Tyler for the time being. 7) I’m glad Stefan tried to do something this episode. He still ended up being lame and completely pointless but at least he tried something this time. 8) I can’t wait for next week. But I also don’t want the season to end! I love this show so so much.