Stupid Movie

Juan and I have had no luck lately on the movie scene. Tonight we watched the movie, The Women (we were bored). There were no men in it all. Like literally. Streets, stores, etc only women. Ugh. And it tried to go through every single issue a woman has to go through. I am just curious to see the sequel, The Men. That would be more entertaining for me because at least a couple could be attractive. I hate films, movies, tv shows that try to shove something like that down my throat. Guess what I’m a woman. I already know the crap I have to go through and its not like every man cheats on his wife and is horrible. In fact, most men don’t. Do you know what would have made that movie better? Men. I will say this … Meg Ryan’s hair was fabulous. Other than that … it was just a really obnoxious film. What have Juan and I decided? We like movies with men and women.

Sometimes I just love some improv …

Student Recommendations

So, as a highschool teacher I am constantly having students recommend to me videos, music, etc. Some of it is way awesome like the song and video “I Say Fever” others … are more special like the Barbie video called “This is Me” where an animated Barbie sings this special tacky song. Anyway, I have had a couple recently that I thought I would share. The worst song in the world called, “Friday” no really … it is the worst song ever. Which makes it kind of funny. Don’t worry, the student realized it was the worst song ever. I just want my brother and his friends to do a cover of the song. My favorite line is “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today is Friday, Friday.” The point is I think it is a great mockery of pop culture … which I actually happen to love and appreciate in many ways. The other is just this really random video called Marcel the Shell.

Almost forgot …

Okay just a couple little notes on Pretty Little Liars … um love love the Spencer/Toby thing. I just hope they can keep the trust thing going. It will so tick me off if they don’t. And Hannah is a fool for letting Caleb go. I hate it when girls are stupid and actually let the good guys go because they make one little error. Whatever. Everyone makes mistakes. And he clearly loves her. Stupid, stupid, prideful Hannah. If I had a Caleb I would not let go of him. I wonder if Jenna will ever become their friend/ ally. Oh and eeks for Ezra and Arria. Well, we knew it would happen eventually. Oh what a silly show. I know I know. It just makes me so curious. Whatever. I’m silly. I don’t pretend not to be.

Visits, The Play and other things …

Let’s see … Renbeth and fam came to visit me (okay our entire family), Rochelle, Missy and Tag also came for a short visit, my play Mr. Right’s Brother was performed, I got pulled over and I have been watching Bones (ha ha I’m always watching Bones lately so … that’s not really anything new.) Okay, let’s start with Renbeth, Gretchen and Isaac visiting.
First off, they pretty much had to go through mud to get here. Their flight was canceled, the airport lost their baggage … they didn’t even get in until closer to midnight. So I didn’t get to see them the first night. But I saw them the next day which was glorious. We had this amazing fish. I have decided I really love fish (I had salmon last night and I can’t stop thinking about it). Isaac is so fetching cute. I may throw that in a couple times. The next day they introduced us to the game of Dominion. Oh my gosh … so much fun and as addicting as Bang. Oh oh so for the Friday/ Saturday Rochelle, Missy and Tag came over. Tag and Isaac became dear friends instantly. We took them to the park and Isaac was very protective always warning Tag to be careful and watch out for big steps. They also liked to run together. So fetching cute. It was really nice to have Rochelle and Missy at the play. It meant alot that they came.
I know I am kind of throwing things around but on Saturday night Renbeth, Gretchen and Isaac came to the play. My cast instantly fell in love with Isaac. How could they not? We had some mishaps on the last night and the boys got a little silly which was a tad irritating. But overall, the play went really well. Opening Night was phenomenal. One of my vice principals said it was the best high school play they had ever seen and my main principal said he enjoyed it and keep up the good work. So that’s good, right? The cast was great. And several of them really just super impressed me.
Anyway, after the closing night, we had strike, which went pretty well and then on my way to Village in to party with the cast I got pulled over … basically don’t want to talk about it but yes I cried myself to sleep. The good news is everything was dismissed and my record is clean. Sunday was great… we just played games, Juan and I went on a walk, Isaac told everyone what superhero they would be and apparently I am the “Terrible Green Hulk” … I love talking with Isaac he just … says the cutest things. For instance, Renbeth and Gretchen bought Isaac these cute rainboots and Gretchen gave them to him and he was all “Look at what Grandfather and Nana gave me.” Gretchen corrected him informing him it was actually them. He responds, “Actually, they are from Grandfather and Nana.” Ha ha. Grandparents get all the credit.
On Monday Renbeth and I had a sisters morning. We went to Starbucks and then got her haircut by my amazing hair dresser. And then we went to TJ Max and bought matching sweaters … which sounds more cheesy than it was. They are stinkin’ cute sweaters and we don’t live in the same state. Then we met up with Nana, Gretchen and Isaac for lunch and then I got fingerprinted that afternoon. They use this machine and water now for the prints. How cool is that? No black ink left on your fingers.
In the afternoon, Grandfather/Daddyboy, Renbeth, Isaac and I went to Grandmother’s house which was pleasant. Isaac and I read many a books. And then we played some more Dominion in the evening. On Tuesday I had to go to work. Lame, I know. But after drama competition rehearsal I went to the parents house and Gretchen, Isaac and I played some basketball, walked to the park and then I read some more to Isaac. It was a beautiful afternoon. Then in the evening we played some more and took pictures. My favorite thing ever was when Isaac kept wanting to be with me and was all “I just need to be with Aunt Freckles.” Oh, I love that kid so much. I hated having them go. I miss being around my sister so so much. I just love how we can talk to each other so well. We don’t always agree, and heaven knows we have our little quarrels but I just feel like I can tell her things and that she’ll love me no matter what. Even if she doesn’t agree with me. It’s nice.
Anyway, life is crazy now getting ready for Drama Competition and trying to keep up with my grading and teaching. I really love my job though. I just feel so like me when I am teaching. You know … natural.
Oh, I found this song by Sheryl Crow that I am like in love with. So, it is inserted here.

A Happy Birthday

I’ll be honest. I was kind of dreading the day. March 5th just meant I was one year older… but the day itself turned out better than expected. My friend UK (she is also my choreographer) spent the night. In the morning the phone rang at seven. I didn’t pick up. The phone rang again. I woke up … and it was Renbeth and Isaac. Isaac sang to me which was the perfect way to start the morning. Then we went to Angies (which besides Wecks is one of the best Breakfast places ever) and I ordered a fruit Belgian waffle and more importantly hot chocolate (their hot cocoa is my favorite thing because they use this amazing thick whip cream– so so good). While we were there two of my graduated students were there eating breakfast with an old teacher. They come over and scoot into the booths with me and UK. They then proceed to announce loudly to everyone that it was my birthday. It’s good I have Juan as my brother so I don’t embarrass easily. Anyway, this guy who was just eating by himself noticed (how could he not) and smiled then later when he left he wished me a happy birthday. It was way cool. I wish more random people talked to me and I wish I was brave enough to talk to strangers and wish them good days, or give compliments, etc but that is an entirely different tangent.
Anyway, it was so nice to have my students come talk to us. One of the boys is from my group of boys. Let me explain. My first year of teaching there was this one group of boys that were over all great boys, something drove me nuts, but all around made me super happy. Their senior year they would come and visit me or be my aide. Now that they have graduated I attend all of their missionary farewells. They are such a great group of guys and I totally want my cousin to marry one of them. I’m working on getting her to USU around the same time they will return from their missions. Hee hee.
At breakfast UK and I discussed the perfect date. We had very similar ideas. But I got really excited for mine. So, I am going to write it here. My perfect date starts with a motorcycle.

Okay it’s like 8:00am and he rides up with his motorcycle (I’m being dead serious) [oh and it is like summertime] He pulls out a map, covers my eyes and I just have to point to somewhere random. Then we ride out to that random city and find a diner to eat breakfast. Next we go to an amusement park or fair. We walk around booths, go on a few rides. He wins me a teddy bear. : ) And we get something like hotdogs or some other fair/amusement park food for lunch. Then we head to a museum. I prefer art or history. And we spend a couple hours there commenting on anything and everything. Then we go to one of those places where they have you make your own food but an amazing chef directs you. And we totally make our own delicious dinner (maybe have a flour fight) and after that is done he takes me back to my place for just a short while (so I can change into something a little more fancy) and he changes too into a brown suit. Then we go to the theatre and see something glorious like Jeckyll and Hyde or Beauty and the Beast. After that we go back to my place and enjoy some time there. ; ) Needless to say I would want to know the guy I went on this date with really well. And I would have to like him alot. Anyway, doesn’t that sound so amazingly pleasant?
Okay, moving on. So after breakfast I went home and played some wii sports. I kicked butt. Especially, in the boxing. I’m not really surprised. I excel at punching things. Ha! Then Juan came over and we defeated another world in Mario.
Next Juan and I met up with Daddyboy and we went and saw the Adjustment Bureau. Something I have wanted to see for a really really long time. IT was good and interesting. It had some concepts in the film that totally correlated with Gospel things. Ha ha. I’m serious. Anyway, I enjoyed it. It’s not my new favorite or anything but I found it enjoyable.
After that I went to my parents house. Daddyboy, mom and I went to the school park to shoot some hoops. I lost the game of Horse. Sad day. Then mom went home and Daddyboy and I came up with a new game called Rebounder/ Seabound or the Rebound. I was dang good and in the lead for most of the game but then Daddyboy won 21-18. Ah well. Great game. Then we went home and the parents played X-men Under Siege with me. I totally won. Hee hee. It was an X-men game. Then Juan came home. I talked with my Jean on the phone and then it was time for dinner. Jumbalya and garlic bread with Ginger snap cookies for dessert. Mmm mmmm good is all I can say. Then I opened presents from my parents. Got a blender and microwave which I am totally stoked about. Then we watched Shanghai Noon as a fam. I love Owen Wilson.
Then I went home and watched two episodes of Bones. Yes, the day was very good. And I got many sweet comments from people on facebook wishing me happy birthday.

So good … so left me hanging …

Oh heavens, okay so much to say about tonight’s episode. 1) Favorite part= Damon totally denying Catherine. Heck Yes. I feel like it just shows Damon’s development. He’s not just gonna be her little devoted puppy. And oh he just became oh so more attractive to me. 2) Poor Caroline. She finally gets to tell Matt and he goes all crazy on her. I’ll confess I wasn’t expecting that reaction. I wasn’t thinking about Vikki. But I mean it makes sense while he is a little upset. I just hope he doesn’t totally crush poor Caroline’s heart. I figure if Jeremy can get over it so can Matt. 3) I am glad Bonnie has her powers back. I felt like the witch father guy acted so irrationally throughout the last two episodes. 4) It’s weird because I was all worried Luka (or whatever the witch boy’s name was) was gonna kill Catherine. I hate Catherine and she is trouble all the way. But I found myself squealing and hoping Damon would get his butt in there to save the day. I didn’t want witch boy to die but I certainly did not want him to bring Elijah back to life. And for some reason I just didn’t want Catherine to die that way. Granted I knew they wouldn’t kill her off but still … I felt tense. And why wasn’t it the father going into the home? 5) I just want Jenna to know the truth. Alaric is so amazing. And I think his comment about it not being his secret to tell but that he loves her was totally worth something. He was honest about why he couldn’t tell her what she wanted to know. And she loves him she needs to trust him./ 6) Isobelle showing up. Not expecting that. I wonder what they plan on doing with her. I am so intrigued. 7) Why is everyone so into Stefan again? He is just no where near as cool as Damon. Just had to throw that in there.
Renbeth informed me that the next episode won’t be until April. I don’t know if I can handle that. I love this show. It’s so addicting. Sigh. I suppose I shall just have to be productive. Gruesome. Ha!

PLL Sidenote: Love the Spencer/ Toby thing. They are probably my favorite thing about the show right now. The show really is silly. But I just want to know what really happened. HA ha! Horrible how these shows suck you in.

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