Makes Me Smile

So, What I Like About You is one of my all time favorite shows. I wish with all my heart I could get all four seasons (especially the 4th) but anyway this is still my favorite television kiss (of course, Damon and Elena have yet to real kiss– but they would have to have one killer kiss) because this kiss is phenomenal! I love it so so much. Vic and Val have got to be one of my favorite romances too. So adorable. A little background story … Vic and Val got married while they were drunk (she was drunk cause she found out her ex Fiance Rick was engaged) and she wants it annulled but he refuses cause he really wants it to work (they had liked each other in the first season and had this cute romance thing but nothing happened cause he was her boss and they felt it would be a bad decision. So all they ever did was kiss) anyway, Vic had been trying forever to get her to fall for him and Val has slowly ever so slowly been falling for him but trying to deny it. And her best friend Loren ends up having an affair with Rick, Val’s ex fiance and Gary sees her with him at a pie shop. Okay I think that is good enough background. Anyway, happiness. And enjoy.

Evolution, Dinosaurs and Creation

The other day my sister asked me three very interesting questions because she was curious. 1. Do I believe in evolution? 2. Do I believe in dinosaurs? 3. Do I believe in the literal version of the creation story of the Bible (Adam and Eve and them being the first literal people/parents and all that)? I answered the questions giving my opinions. Which are as follows: 1. I do believe in evolution. Not that humans came from monkeys. I believe evolution is a very broad concept. I think human beings have evolved throughout history in regards to society, technological advancements and even in regards to physical attributes such as height, when we die, etc. I believe animals have evolved as well. Look at the numerous breeds of dog, etc. My point is species evolve just not into each other. Just as the Bible states bringing forth after their own kind. Something like that.
Here is the definition of evolution from and it says nothing about humans coming from monkeys.
[ev-uh-loo-shuhn or, especially Brit., ee-vuh-] Show IPA
1. any process of formation or growth; development: the evolution of a language; the evolution of the airplane. 2. a product of such development; something evolved: The exploration of space is the evolution of decades of research .3. Biology . change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. 4.a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions. 5.
a motion incomplete in itself, but combining with coordinated motions to produce a single action, as in a machine .6. a pattern formed by or as if by a series of movements: the evolutions of a figure skater. 7.
an evolving or giving off of gas, heat, etc.8.Mathematics . the extraction of a root from a quantity. Compare involution ( def. 8 ) .9.a movement or one of a series of movements of troops, ships, etc., as for disposition in order of battle or in line on parade.10.any similar movement, especially in close order drill.

I believe we need to evolve or there would never be any progression. And the Lord is all about progression.

Question Two: The dinosaurs. Sure I do. They have found bones (and we all know how much I love Bones- ha ha). Do I think humans were around when the dinos were? No. I believe that the Lord created the world in six days. But in God’s six days. We don’t know how long that really was. Believe me when I say I don’t really get the Lord’s time. What I am saying is that it is very possible for dinosaurs to have been around for the forming of the Earth. I don’t feel dinosaurs in anyway contradict the creation story or my beliefs.

Now we get to Adam and Eve. Heck yes I believe they are the first people/ literal parents of all mankind. I believe there is a lot of symbolism in the Scriptural Creation story. But I do believe I come from a line that goes directly to Adam and Eve. I believe in a Garden and in Satan being a total lame sauce jerk trying to get them kicked out of the Lord’s presence. I just think it is funny that Satan’s determination to screw over Adam and Eve in reality destroyed him in the long run. But I think it is clear Satan was never very smart in the first place. His pride has always been his downfall.

Here is the other thing … I think science and the Gospel go hand in hand. They always seem to prove each other. Even if it takes time to figure it out. Anyway, I just thought I would post my thoughts to see what others think … cause now I am curious. : ) Ha ha.

Just Because

Ode to my Sister

It is Renbeth’s birthday today which just got me to thinking how glad I am that she was born. So, I thought I would go through and share some of my favorite memories with my gorgeous sister. One, playing Sylvanian Families– the little animals with clothes. We had so much fun with those. We would make them books and movies and little houses. Two, singing with her and my mother. That is one of our favorite past times. I used to cry every time my sister sang Eponine’s song A Fall of Rain from Les Miserable because it was just so beautiful and tragic. She has an amazing voice (not that she will admit it–which is ridiculous). Three, one time we were really hyper and the song When a Man Loves a Woman came on and she changed the words to When a Girl loves a Bunny (cause I still had MJ at the time). Oh my goodness … the words she came up were so funny we were giggling on my bed. Four, Renbeth used to write/come up with stories but she would first find pictures in magazines (they would be the main characters) and put them in a notebook. Then she would tell me the stories while showing me the pictures of the main characters. I loved that. I remember one of the books was entitled Moments of Gold. Five, this sounds funny but one thing I always smile at when I think about Renbeth’s relationship with my old pet rabbit, MJ(Moon Jumper). She hated him. She would only call it “Rabbit” or “Creature” and anytime he would run up to her it was like he knew she disliked him because he would run away. Good times. Six, the day I found out Louie had died. She came home from school and cried with me. Seven, Sophomore year of high school we had to write a paper in our Humanities class about our Hero. I picked Renbeth. Still would. Eight, Renbeth would always (and still does) tell me things first. But one of my favorites was when I had this dream she got her first kiss with this one person and she came to our room at like — I don’t know way late at night and woke me up to tell me. But it was like I already knew because of the dream. Anyway, it was exciting. I like to think of it as a Sisterly Bond thing. Nine, there are so many little conversations/discussions I have had with my sister that I cherish. I’m not gonna go on detail on that. Private sister stuff, you understand. But I have a best friend relationship with my sister which not everyone has. When I am upset … I call Renbeth. When I am super excited … I call Renbeth. When I am having my latest boy fiasco… I call Renbeth. And she calls me. Ten, Renbeth’s Gorilla face (she can pull one stellar gorilla face). I used to call her Gorilla as a nickname. Which may sound me but she would call me Squid. So … only fair. Oh she would call me HBOO too. She would also kiss Juan and I on the cheek all the time. I have forgiven her. : ) There is so much more but I have to get to work. So happiness for sisters.

Alaric is delightful…

Report on Vampire Diaries:
Loved it when Alaric just stabbed Elijah. Awesome. Two, way proud of Elena for being able to stab herself and then stab Elijah. Three, I really like the new friendship between Damon and Alaric. I feel like this is a friendship where Damon actually gets something in return. And I don’t know… I just really really like it. Four, I do not like that Alaric gave John his ring back. Should have let Damon kill him first. Urgh! And maybe he should just tell Jenna! There’s a novel idea. Five, I don’t like Bonnie’s powers being gone. Six, I can’t decide on how much to trust Catherine. I just don’t think I can at all. And she is so going to start playing with Damon’s heart. I really hope he doesn’t get sucked into everything. Seven, it was interesting seeing Stefan as the bad guy in the beginning. Oh and seeing Lexi again made me so sad she is dead. Damon killing Lexi is like the one thing I just was uber mad at him for. I mean all the other people he has killed have been horrible so it was okay. : ) Hee hee.
Oh Pretty Little Liars Side Note: Love the friendship forming between Spencer and Toby. Also love love the little Hannah and Caleb thing. Super cute. But then again I have always been the love the bad boy thing. Why is that?
A Bones note: Just totally love the show. I have realized I am the biggest sucker for a good mystery. I love the shows, movies, books (I bought two new Agatha Christie books– they are my favorite) Anyway, just some really good television lately. Which is nice. It is a good escape. And it makes me want to write. I keep getting new ideas in my head. : ) I can’t wait until I get my new computer. I am gonna do so much writing.

Presidents Day Tribute

Okay for Presidents’ Day I thought I would make some rankings, etc. for fun. And it is fun cause I am a history teacher. We shall start with my TOP 6 Favorites (Note: Just because these are my favorites it does not mean I agree with everything they did/ do. I just find them interesting to study or I like alot of their ideas. When I go on to list my least favorite let me also state that I know they did some great things but there are things about them that bother me– On the people I put as the group I never want to be president… yeah I just don’t think they are good at all.)

My Favorites (in no particular order)

1. Barack Obama (I love his optimism. I have read his book and I just love hearing him talk. I don’t agree with him on every thing. But I think he was totally the man for the job. I also like his thoughts on education- which is kind of a big deal for me.)
2. Teddy Roosevelt (I find him amusing and terribly interesting to study)
3. JFK (I love the hope he inspired and his work on all of the social movements)
4. Abraham Lincoln (He kept us together. And I like how human he was.)
5. James Monroe (I totally have a new appreciation for this guy ever since I went to D.C.)
6. Thomas Jefferson (Wrote the declaration– kind of have to include him. Granted he took a lot of the Declaration from Locke but that’s cool. He did other good things.)

My Least Favorite (This does have an order. And number 1 is the one I dislike the most)
1. Andrew Jackson (For so many reasons. I had to read a biography on him in high school. Gag)

There are a couple other presidents who have done things I really don’t appreciate: like FDR, Bush, Truman, Lyndon B.Johnson, etc.

People I Never want to see as President
1. Sarah Palin (I don’t want her near the presidency)
2. Hillary Clinton (Just no)
3. Mitt Romney (I don’t dislike the man. I just dislike the idea of the church being dragged into presidential messes).

People I think would have made a really great president.

1. Henry Clay (One of my top favorite people in American History. “The Great Compromiser”– one of his best quotes “I would rather be right, than president.”
2. Alexander Hamilton
3. Benjamin Franklin (okay this one is just for amusement sake. He was a funny man.)

*I would just like to note that in my favorites list I have Democrats and Republicans. I am not some major liberal. I am very moderate. I feel like I need to make this clarification because people tend to get very confused and it drives me nuts when people say I am a hard core liberal because it just lets me know they have never met an actual hard core liberal. Sorry just getting off on a little rant. : )

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

So,I watched this movie on netflix watch instantly and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s a very clean, feel good movie (which sometimes movies in this category are tacky and not great) but this movie was enjoyable. I really liked it. So, I recommend it. That is all. : )