My New Favorite Song

Bernie Goetz

So, I was putting together a little powerpoint thing of We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel for my students for the end of the year. And in the song there were several references I was unsure of. So, I thought I better do my research so when students asked me what something was I could sound intelligent. Anyway, upon my research I looked up Bernie Goetz (who is mentioned in the song) and I found his story incredibly intriguing. Anyway, I am putting the link here. I would totally love to hear peoples’ opinion on the whole thing.

Bones and other things …

Okay,I’m totally into Bones, the tv show… not the human body parts. And I totally have a crush on David Boreanaz. It’s funny because when I liked him before it was in 9th grade- high school. My friend Louie and I would discuss our crushes. (He had a thing for Lacey Chabert from Party of Five). We would argue over whose crush was better looking. An argument neither of us were ever going to win because I was never going to think any girl more attractive than David and vice versa for Louie. Ha. But those were good times. I miss Louie. All of our silly little arguments. Anyway, back to Bones. Such a great tv show.
I wonder what it would be liked to be saved. You know? Fear death but then have some incredibly attractive man hold me in his arms so I would feel like nothing could ever hurt me again because he had me. I know I am a silly romantic. I can’t help it. Believe me I’ve tried to convince myself to be so fed up with love and the dating game that I just don’t believe in it anymore. No such luck. I’m cursed.
Drama Convention went well. No one died. And we all were chipper at the end.
I had an interesting conversation with my friend Earnest today, he is from Africa and pretty much the coolest guy ever. We were discussing being grateful and happy. We have so much and yet it still seems so easy to complain. Earnest left everything behind when he came here. He had to learn a new language and get a job as a custodian when in Africa he had been wealthy with a high ranking career. I have been so blessed. And I still find myself dissatisfied. I’m human, right?
Okay now as I continue just know I will be entering a random tangent. You don’t have to continue reading. It’s just my last comment made me think of the movie Tangled (which I consider to be totally adorable). Anyway, all Rapunzel wants to see is the floating lights. And near the end of the film she is about to see them. And she says she is scared. When Flynn asks why she says that she is scared that the floating lights won’t live to her expectations or worse if they do … what will she do after that?
A part of me feels the same way. What I mean is … I feel dissatisfied. No matter what I do or how grateful I am for the many … oh so many blessings I have I just can’t stop thinking about finding my “Mr. Right” and how empty I feel because I don’t have him. Not even close. And I want him so badly. But I do think a part of me is scared. I mean I strongly believe that “he” will make me feel more complete. But then what? Well, I suddenly be satisfied? Granted I know right now I want kids. But after that? Will I be satisfied?
In an institute class we talked about divine discontent. Humans have a natural desire to want to progress. That isn’t a bad thing, right? The Lord wants us to improve, reach our potential, etc. As long as I am grateful for what I do have … maybe it isn’t so horrible that I don’t feel satisfied.
Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to go through quite so much character building though. I wish the Lord would just send me my “Booth”/ David Boreanaz … a hero. But He doesn’t he really work like that.
Going back to Tangled … after Rapunzel says the whole being scared of what happens next Flynn says she will find a new dream. It’s hard to imagine a new dream once I have found my guy and have my kids. I mean finding “him” has been my dream, my biggest desire since I was six. Watching Slipper and the Rose does that to you as a little girl.
Wow, I have completely rambled. I’ll stop now. : )

Moving On

Well, I had a pleasant Christmas. I got a wii, games, some dishes, movies, jewelry, books (a couple really cool history books- had to add the nerdiness of me), the complete first season of Vampire Diaires (which I have watched now in full- and I have so many new thoughts on characters in the show– still madly in love with Damon although I am ticked he killed Lexi).
I went back to teaching. Which included casting for MR. Right’s Brother and starting rehearsals. Juan helped me cast which was fun but extremely difficult. I hate having to turn down students. But I think the production will be great and I have only had three days of practice with them.
I had a weird dream two nights ago where the kids decided to make it a musical and not tell me so they put in all these musical numbers and dances with dangerous stunts. And man I was angry. And then who shows up to the performance but Barack and Michelle. So I got to meet the Obama’s (who sat right behind me) and that was cool.
I have some New Year Goals. My usual … “Be kind to yourself” and then another to find an attractive man in a brown suit. And lose ten pounds in four months . .. which thanks to my wii fitness I think I just might.
I’m starting an institute class this week and my zumba class. Excited for both. I’ve decided business builds walls. I like walls.

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