Christmas Prayers

This year’s Christmas seems to have become the season for prayers in my neck of the woods.
My parent’s basement flooded last night as did several other homes in their home town. My parents and brother were able to save everything but other homes were not so lucky. One family had up to nine inches of water and they lost belongings and pictures in the mess. So if you could pray for them that would be great.
I also have some sad news which happens to break my heart. Two of my students (sisters) have experienced tragedy this weekend. The elder sister who is 18, and graduated last year, was driving Friday night with three of her younger siblings all under the age of ten. Due to horrible icey and slushy road conditions their car skidded into oncoming traffic. A woman driving a truck hit into them not being able to stop in time. The youngest boy died on impact and the other brother in the vehicle was rushed to the hospital but had passed away by the morning. The nine year old sister and my student (the driver) and the other driver suffered miner injuries. The other sister (my current student) was not in the accident but this has hit her really hard. Not only are my students grieving the loss of their two brothers but I am concerned my student who was driving will feel responsible even though it really was just an horrific accident. Please pray for this family. I know they are struggling. I know these girls and they are really really good/kind/sweet people and I can’t even imagine being in their position. And I can only imagine what the parents are going through. Again Please pray for them. Thank you.




Something Inside

I’m sick of waiting. I’m tired of searching. I’m ready. But I am in an empty room with nothing to find. Happiness is just through the window. But the glass keeps me in. Maybe i should just break the glass. But I don’t know how. And every time I try I just get hurt. Someone tell me what the heck I am suppose to do?

Thought of You

So, my dear friend/choreographer who I will name UK sent me this beautiful music video. The song isn’t genius but the video is and I love it. I think it is beautiful. Have I mentioned the beauty of it? : )

Washington DC

It was incredible and a really awesome experience for a history like myself. We did everything: Toured the memorials, spent the day at capital hill, watched a a snippet of the supreme ct. in session, went to Lincoln’s Cottage/Summer home, visited the national archives, saw the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution, went to James Monroe’s home, listened to the reporter Mike Walters speak about the trauma reporters go through (very interesting), we went to a winery and a tavern (no I did not drink), we went to Williamsburg, the Holocaust museum, the national art gallery, Ford’s theatre and saw a Christmas Carol and where Lincoln had been shot by Booth, we went to Arlington Cemetery, interesting restaurants, Mount Vernon (most gorgeous Veranda ever!) and the Aggie vs Georgetown Basketball game. Over all the trip was a success. I will include a couple pictures. One of my favorite things was all the kids called me MaMa Hall. Oh the kids were the funnest thing ever. I loved seeing their reactions to things. Some of them had never been on a plane, about 95% had never been on a subway. Oh it was just awesome. My favorite part of the whole thing was Lincoln’s Cottage, the tour was incredible and moving and I have a new interest in Lincoln. The tour guide had such passion. I normally hate guided tours and wish for them to be over. But she was so good. Anyway, it was a great trip.

PS More pictures are on facebook. Oh and Punk and I broke up yesterday. It sucks but is actually for the best. So, yeah … I don’t really know what else to say about that. We’re still friends so that’s good. Yeah… I just thought I better report it so there is no confusion. I didn’t even get to write about the awesome stage kiss . . . but um now it seems kind of funny to do so. Well, I better get ready and go to work.

You are Loved (Don’t Give Up)- Josh Groban

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