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Vampire Diaries and Halloween

So I just totally have to write about Vampire Diaries. I totally love this show. I can’t help it. One, Damon is totally delicious on so many levels. Two, the story is ridiculously addicting. I know it seems like a Twilight spin off. And it kind of is. Only far better written and acted. I am so curious as to who just took Elena. And I think the witches are so fantastic. I love Bonnie. And I am interested to see how this whole new Jeremy/ Bonnie thing goes. The poor kid has had such poor luck with his women staying alive. But I don’t think they’ll kill off Bonnie. And I am liking Caroline’s character more and more. Before, she was just kind of there and a little whiny spoiled brat. Now she is interesting. Even Stefan bugs me less. Although, I still want Elena to be with Damon. The bad boy needs a girl. Ha!
Okay, I will stop rambling about the show. I just like it so much. It reminds me of my love for Roswell. Don’t get me wrong Roswell is still my favorite. But I don’t know Vampire Diaries has me pretty “compelled” . . . alright lame pun.
So, this weekend was Halloween and I went with Punk to his hometown in ID. So much fun. I adore his family. Let’s see we played Bang, made doughnuts, went trick or treating, Punk’s dad through socks at me, went to church, ate delicious food, everyone teased me and said I was an alcoholic (long story-perfectly reasonable explanation), laughed . . . and just had a jovial time all around. One of my favorite moments was when Punk’s four year old niece asked me to play with her but Punk and I were just about to leave to go home. So, I told her I couldn’t because we were leaving and she gets a distraught look on her face, cries out, “But I like you!” and then proceeds to run to the couch and bury her head. So, cute. I feel so comfortable around his family. It’s nice.
The musical is almost here. In case, I haven’t mentioned I am a history/drama teacher and I have two and a half weeks before the musical. It will be the first musical I have ever directed. I’m so exhausted. I am excited for it because I believe the kids will be fabulous. (insert Freckle hand thing). But there is still so much to do. And I have to teach on top of that. And the Super intendant comes next week to observe my class. And I need to create drama lesson plans, pick a Sterling Scholar, come up with a massive fundraiser that will get my program mega bucks, plan a DC trip with thirty teens, get together three more unit tests for history and try not to freak out about the end of level test, and plan for Drama convention in January. My brain feels ready to explode! Ha!
At least I have Punk to distract me a little. I like him. : ) Right now he is off killing zombies. No, really. The university is doing this Zombie vs. Human game this week. It’s kind of cool and Punk is all pumped about it. Basically, everyone starts out human except for one original zombie. The Zombie(s) have to tag the humans. If they do then the humans become zombies. IF the human shoots them with a nerf gun or with a sock before they are touched the Zombie is out of the game for 15 minutes. Humans wear bandannas on their arms and Zombie’s wear them on their foreheads. If a Zombie doesn’t turn a human in 48 hours they are out of the game. Once the Zombie tags a human they have to give them their identification card. Then the Zombie inserts the name online and it is tallied that way. They see how many humans survive in the week. There are safety zones (inside buildings and parking lots) but other than that the game is all over campus. Over 800 people signed up to play. And Punk has already had some crazy run ins today. I think it is pretty awesome actually. It is kind of like being in a movie. I wish I could play. I was invited but I am never on campus and don’t have time to be on campus so it was a no go. Oh well. Sometimes being a grown up sucks. : ) But I guess it gives me time to watch Vampire Diaries. It’s not Punk’s favorite show. Ha ha!

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