The man is out of town . . .

Bieber who I am now going to refer to as Punk (apparently his old nick name is not as cool. Ha!) is out of town. Hence me writing another entry so soon after the other. One, it sucks having him out of town. I know it is only for two days but I spend every day with this boy. My life consists of me waking up, going to work, going to rehearsal, spending the rest of the evening with Punk. I like him a lot. He is so so good to me. He makes me dinner, gives me foot massages (which is a miracle I let anyone touch my feet- and I like his foot massages), holds me when I just want to take a nap, has has us play legos, he got me earrings (gorgeous ones) and roses, he is helping me build my musical sets, he paints with me, he does things that he knows will make me smile . . . he is also a total and complete punk hence the nick name . . . and I like him so much. That is the update on the man. Oh and I adore his family and he seems to really enjoy mine too. He was stuck with them the entire conference weekend. And I really love his family. They are so much fun. Okay . . . I’ll move on.
I have a couple songs I want to put up. One is by Linkin Park. Totally doesn’t even sound like them but I really really like this song. I made Daddyboy listen to it and he liked it too. The second is a song Punk had me listen to. It is called Control by the Icarus Account.

Also some thoughts on tv shows . . . Glee is not great. They try so hard to shove controversial issues in the show that you aren’t getting any real character development. Vampire Diaries . . . excellent but gosh I just want Damon and Alana to be together. Damen is so delicious in so many ways (I made Punk watch an episode. That was funny. Not really his show). Chuck- Good and enjoyable but not quite great so far this season. I am irritated we are playing the whole keep Chuck being an agent secret from Elly thing. It is just old. The second episode was the best so far. It had its old charm back. I want Casey’s daughter to get more involved in the show . . . perhaps be Morgan’s lover. Ha ha! And by lover I mean kissy friend of course. They can be true lovers when they are married. ; ) Community- I find the show highly amusing. It is still entertaining. Modern Family- Also entertaining. Office- Totally loved the latest episode with the whole Sweeny Todd thing. Oh my goodness. So so funny. I think those are all of my shows.

I can’t wait until next week. Punk, “Best Friend,” Juan and I are going to see the Scarlet Pimpernal. And Punk gets to meet my Grandma. I really can’t wait for this. I really care about my Grandma’s opinion. She has to approve. : ) I have a close relationship with my Grandma and I don’t know . . . she once told me I deserve a fairy tale romance. I want her to feel I am getting it. She wants Punk to audition for her. Really. Ha ha I am so excited. Grandma has been one of my biggest supporters in my theatre and singing (even if she is distraught that opera is not an interest of mine whatsoever at all). Anyway, we are also going to dinner and seeing Kind of a Funny Story too if we can. And I don’t have work. It’s just going to be all around wonderful. Insert Freckle’s hand thing.

Well, until next time . . . I may get bored again with Punk not here and right sooner than you think. Ha!


So, today is Louie Jacinto’s birthday. He would be 25. I met Louie in art class. He sat across from me. The teacher made a partner assignment and neither of us had one. So, we were kind of stuck with each other. We had to draw pictures of each other. His was far more flattering of me than mine was of him. He said I was pretty. Being a young girl of low self confidence this meant something to me. We became good friends . . me and my Rabbi Louie. The Book of Doom, the epic apology, the Backstreet Boys song, the mural, the smile, the rocks, the IM conversation, David and Lacey, the lightning bug, the moral of the story, the first boy I ever liked that I was actually friends with first. These are all things that may not make sense to anyone else but they are all moments I cannot ever see leaving my memory. It has been eleven years since I discovered he was gone. And his picture is still is up in my room. Funny how some people just make a mark on your life. I only knew him for a matter of months and he changed me. I would say there is a handful of people who have really shaped my character . . . Louie is one of them.
I still remember the feeling when the man came in and made the announcement to my classroom, telling us that Louie had passed. I was shaking so badly. Stephanie mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” I had to go home. I felt so lost. I had never lost anyone before. And he was my age. He was so young. Too young to die. My mother rushed to bring me home. Thank you mom. And then my sister came home early from school. She didn’t know him but she knew what he had meant to me . . . and she cried with me. A little act that meant the world to me. She saved me that day. I don’t even know if she realizes that.
I have a student in the hospital right now . . . she fell off a horse and it doesn’t look good. I don’t know her very well. I have only known her just over a month . . . but I really want her to be okay. I don’t want to lose any of my students. I care so much about each of them . . . the moment they step through my classroom door. And I can’t help but think of Louie when we get the news that a student has passed away at the school. Because I know what my announcement in class could do to someone . . . to one of their friends. I’ve been there.
Louie was so good. I’m not sure he realized it. So many people are truly good without realizing it. He was a real friend to me and I was his friend. He made me feel good about who I was which at the time was not an easy task to do.
Avril Lavigne wrote a song for her Grandpa called Slipped Away . . . I’d like to dedicate to Louie. Do you know what the awesome thing is? When I think about him I still smile and chuckle out loud, the memories are so clear . . . and thinking of his passing still makes me cry. The reason I say this is awesome is . . . to have that kind of affect on someone who was a friend for really such a short time . . . you have to be great. And I can’t wait till we’re chilling in heaven, laughing about old times and I can tell him thank you.

I have a boy . . .

So, I’m dating Bieber. The boy I was discussing in the last entry. I’ve been dating him for about a month and a half now. I like him a lot. And I’m with him any time I am not at work or rehearsal. Needless to say this is why I have not been on. I’ll write more later. Happiness. Insert Sarah Hand Thing.

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