A realization . . .

So, I have discovered that I find myself consistently looking at my sister’s blog for new updates, stories, pictures of bizarre things etc. and anytime I go on and there is nothing new I feel a little sad. And Renbeth updates her blog usually daily. And I made that realization that my blog must be so boring. I hardly ever write. like maybe once every month if I am lucky. So, this summer I plan on trying to be more interesting in my blog. Of, course i will be going to NM and europe for three weeks so I may not be on too frequent this first month but after that . . . my blog is gonna be crazy interesting.

So, what to talk about. Let’s see. Yesterday, in sacrament meeting they were talking about friendships and how they can build testimonies. There was time left over so the counselor got up and was all “All fo you may have noticed a couple people in this ward who are inseperable, Freckles and Guadalupe. Guadalupe would you come up and talk about your friendship with Freckles.” Pretty funny actually. She said way sweet things, talked about how we met, etc. And then of course she was like ‘I feel like I’m talking about a spouse.” Well, that cracked everyone up. It didn’t help that she then mentioned i had bought her flowers to cheer her up this week. It was pretty funny. Now, if for some reason people didn’t know who we were they will now.

Today, Guadalupe and I are going shopping in salt lake with our friends . . . Metro (boy) and Onezie (There is a reason we call her this. She always says “One time”). It should be entertaining. If for no other reason than Metro and Onezie are way more into clothes and buying expensive clothes! All of metro’s pants are like eighty bucks. And we all know i am completely stingy on that sort of thing. Guadalupe and I are known for searching out the sales! And I would never shop in Abercrombie and Fitch and that is Metro’s favorite spot. Although, their cologne is my favorite. But that is a particular boy’s fault.

So, it being Memorial day I can’t help but think of Louie and Grandmother and Grandfather. I love them all so much. And they each have played such a significant role in my life. It really is amazing how people are put in your path. They each fulfill a need. Louie was the first boy i ever really liked (and didn’t just think he was cute-although he was but I liked him for his personality too, and we were dear friends– it’s like I learned what true like and a touch of true love is) Grandmother, which is pretty self explanatory¬† (Mantua and all the memories and her love for art and me), and Grandfather, who I never knew but he has brought me more comfort than I can express. He is my safe haven. Do you ever wonder how you have affected people?

Well, I should go get ready for my day of festivities!

Thoughts on Glee

Well, to be honest I was very disappointed with Glee episodes since they have started back up. The characters seemed to have lost their flare. And the plots lame. Will became a man whore, Mercedes lost her confidence, and quite frankly the Home episode just sucked. But, this week’s episode Bad Reputation was so good. It made me love Glee again. The songs were fun and oh my gosh I lovedloved loved Rachel’s music video. And it’s crazy how much Finn totally loves Rachel. I felt bad for him. Still loved her video. And I think it was about time Emma really stood up for herself. Oh and I kind of like seeing the nice side of Sue. I already find her hilarious but it makes her in an odd way lovable. If you can really call Sue lovable. Ha ha! This week was a success and they have me actually wanting to watch the next episode. After last week, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to. But happiness for this week!

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