Happy Birthday Freckles . . .

I had a lovely birthday . . . well I got sick. That was not lovely. And just so typical. Ha ha. Oh well. Builds Character as Daddyboy would say. My students were gems and wished me many a Happy Birthday, sang to me, one bought me m&ms. Another came in and picked me up in a big bear hug before I even knew what was happening.¬† The Chuck party was pleasant. It was fun to see everyone dress up and we watched the truth serum episode (one of my absolute favorites). And we had hot dogs and frozen yogurt (which if you haven’t seen the show that means nothing to you but if you have it means the world). Anyway, it was nice. I just felt sick. Saturday we went to Chiles for lunch (my favorite) and then saw Alice in Wonderland; which was entertaining but something was missing. Perhaps character development or really good plot . . . not sure maybe both. They were so caught up on special effects as several things are nowadays. My cousin Mitzi came to visit and that was pleasant.

I went to a wedding reception. Gag. And then Guadalupe and I went home and watched High School Musical. We were gonna watch this other one but Juan wanted us to wait for him. So, we felt in the mood for something cheesy. And High School Musical is the essence of cheese. Favorite line . . . “We were jerks . . . no we were worse than that. We were mean jerks.” Ha ha I still chuckle everytime I think on it.

Sunday I felt so ill I didn’t go to church. Eeks. I know I hate missing it. I did watch several church videos online and read my scriptures. I also read this study my cousin was doing on the Atonement. I still really missed church. I’m a bit attached. : ) That night we ate Jumbalaya (my favorite) and we played Cranium. Juan and I did not win. Sad sad day. Then Monday was mums birthday. It was very pleasant. Oh on Monday I lost my voice all day at school. My students were very well-behaved. Kind of made me want to lose my voice more often. : )

Oh, today irritating moment. It was during fifth. We were in the computer lab. Fifth is my most talkative class but I truly adore them all. Anyway, a couple of my boys were chatting away but I was helping several students. Well, they ask me to come over and I tell them I’m coming and the lab teacher starts to tell me how these boys have been loud and annoying and that I should probably separate them the next day. She says it to me right in front of them but says it as though they are not there in a condescending fashion towards them. So, needless to say the boys responded defensively and one said, “Teachers who don’t like kids shouldn’t teach.” I understood why he said it but it was highly inappropraite. I had to scold him and make him apologize. I was so frustrated that she had said what she did and that he said what he did. It put me in an awkward situation for both. Of course, if it ever came down to it I would defend my students before a teacher (if it was the right thing to do). My students are like my children. Urgh. Oh well, again building character.

Oh and Chuck tonight was amazing. It so went the way I want it to. And I know they are making it look like Casey is a bad guy working for the Ring but I’m sorry Casey is wonderful and good. And I will back him up (that’s right I’m backing up a fictional character). Oh and it is about fetching time that Morgan knows the truth. Yeah! Squealing happened when it all worked out. Hee hee.

Things to be grateful for . . .

Today was a crappy day so I have decided the only solution is to write down the good things that happened today so that I realize the world is really quite lovely . . .

1. I talked to Renbeth on the phone.

2. I got a Father’s Blessing. Thank heavens for those and thank heavens for my Daddyboy who is just there for me.

3. Daddyboy purchased the plane tickets to Europe! Germany here I come! Dream come true.

4. I get to watch the new Chuck tonight.

5. I made homemade pizza tonight for dinner and it came out stinkin good.

6. I went to institute and I just have the most amazing Bishop ever (he is also my institute teacher¬† . . . I’m not just ebing random here.)

7. I got alot done on my Portfolio I have to turn in this year to the superintendent/ school district office.

8. I am reading a new Agatha Christie. Her books are delicious to me.

9. I have two amazing roommates. They are the dearest most wonderful friends. Oh, not sure if I mentioned but I got a new roomie. I shall call her Bonnie. So Guadalupe and Bonnie are my roomies.

10. I have a sweet house.

11. Past students came to visit me today.

12. Juan told me about his walking revolution. That was pretty funny.

13. I went to the gym and felt productive (yesterday I ran an entire mile– in segments of course but that isn’t the point)

14. I read my scriptures this morning.

15. I set up a visiting teaching appointment tomorrow so I feel good about that.

16. I took a shower (good hygiene actually can make you feel better).

17. My birthday is in three days and I have so many fun plans. Two words Chuck Party. And yesterday I got my Elly costume. I’m totally stoked.

18. I get to color.

So, yeah life is better than I think.

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