I need prettier hands . . .

No, seriously. I think this is why I haven’t been going on dates. I have ugly hands. As in they are hardly feminine. I have large fingers and fat nails or rather wide and they are short. Oh my goodness. I have George Coztanza nails. Sick. The point is I am working on making them nicer. I am growing them out. I am going to take care of my cubicles. And then in February I am going to get a manicure professionally done. I think it will add in my confidence. I know it seems like such a little thing. But usually confidence comes from the little things. Right?


  1. Um, you’re joking, right?

    Your hands may need some lotion ;). But they are not ugly. Go get a manicure for fun. I agree that little things bolster confidence and that it is always nice to take care of yourself. But don’t make up ridiculous stories in your head about having George Costanza nails.


  2. I adore you Freckles, and I don’t see any problems with your hands. Oh, except if you have cubicles on them…they must be awfully heavy. Normally people have cuticles on their fingers…but if you like small office spaces… 🙂 I adore you!

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