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I officially give up and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pie in the face and singing High School Musical . . .

So, today was the sub for santa assembly at our high school. It was neat because Guadalupe was there to be a guest speaker for my history classes. She was speaking on how journalism makes history. So nice. Anyway, we are standing there. And I already knew that I would be singing the Breaking Free song from High School Musical near the end. The students had to raise at least 2000 bucks first ( they give the money to families in the community who don’t have money to have a Christmas). So, they have a bunch of activities to raise money. One of those things was throwing pies into peoples’ faces. They already had two assigned teachers (who has previously agreed) to have pies thrown in their faces. All students had to do was pay five dollars to throw a pie in their face. Well, I turn to Guadalupe and say, “I am so glad I am not being pied. I’d rather do anything else than have pie in my face.” About two minutes later one of the exec students turns to me with the mike and says, “Hey Miss Hall someone had offered to pay double if you are the one they can pie.” I was like “No, thank you.”

And then my group of boys (some students I had last year that I totally love) come running over to me (apparently they are the ones who had offered to pay double). They are all, “Miss Hall, you have to. Think about the children.” And honestly, what can you say after they bring in the children. So, I agree. But I was wearing nice clothes . . . they were like “Don’t worry Miss Hall we will put ceran wrap around you so your clothes don’t get messy.” Not really comforting. Especially when they have you sit in a chair (in front of the whole school, might I add) and start to ceran wrap you to the chair so you can’t move. Now, before the paid for pie gets put into my face several of theboys take remenants from other pies and put them in my face. And then my aid (who I call Punky and was the one who offered to pay double) comes over and boom puts the pie squarely in my face. Apparently, he did a really good job and the whole pie came out and stayed on my face. Seriously, the thought in my mind was This is what drowning in pie matter would feel like. Anyway, Punky clears the pie from my face but instead of releasing me and giving me a towel instead they start yelling “Put her in the cage!” So the group of boys pick up my chair. And I’m yelling, “Don’t let me drop. Don’t drop me!” They carry me over to a metal wire cage and stick me inside. Why? Not really sure. Apparently, it is fun to put me in a cage. So, I’m just chilling there in the middle of the gym in front of the school, still inhaling pie, ceran wrapped to a chair, with a tiara on my head (they gave me a tiara and no I didn’t get to keep it. Suck, right?) in a cage. I turn and look at Guadalupe and she just shrugs like, ‘you’re-crazy-if-you-think-I-am-gonna-try-and-save-you.’

Well, after a few moments of experiencing what it would be like to be in a zoo, they have to let me out because I am suppose to sing this High School Musical song. And let me just tell you it was not easy to get me. I got stuck a couple times. Pictures were taken. Yeah . . . adventure. The song went well. But they only had one mike so it was hard for people to hear us. But I did  have students tell me I did a pretty good job.

So adventurous day right? Well, to top it off I burned my armpit this morning with the crimper. How? With intricate and awkward movements let me tell you. But I have this really red spot on my arm pit. Sometimes, it is just interesting to be me and have freckles.

So funny school story . . .

I have a young lady in my class who is autistic . . . which explains why she is also very socially awkward. But she is a sweetheart and she can memorize movie lines like nobody’s business. Anyway, she has a tendancy to say things loudly throughout my lectures. On Wednesday I was going over Bacon’s Rebellion. And me being the clever wit that I am made one of my hilarious history jokes. I said, “Now Bacon is referring to a man as opposed to a herd of angry pigs.” I got a few smiles but really only one hearty laugh from this particular young lady. So I said, “Well, at least someone appreciates my jokes.” And she says loudly, “Oh, it wasn’t funny. I just laughed.” This cracked the whole class up.

This particular young lady was also the one to say (when she found out I was not married) “Wow, aren’t you like one out of the two teachers in this school not married?” Yep, she is keeping me humble. Ha ha but no she really can be the sweetest thing and she told me the other day she liked talking to me because I would let her ramble on and most of her other teachers would not let her. So, I know she likes me. Good times in class.

Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

So, my mom showed me this group that made a guest appearance on SYTYCD. Nuts, these guys are nuts. And I love them.

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