I love Glee . . .

I totally adore this show. I love the music, the humor, etc. I think my favorite two characters are Emma Pillsbury (played by Jayma Mays) and Will Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison). I relate the most to Jayma except for the germ phobia thing. But I totally would be in love with Will and he totally would be married to an awful woman. I do find Sue hilarious. She’s awful but amusing. Fluffy thinks I need to be more like her. Probably. Probably my favorite musical numbers so far on the show would be Sweet Caroline that Puck sings, Don’t Stop Believing, I could Have Danced All Night and Halo Mashup. Of course, the Singles Ladies Football dance was classic.






















Thanksgiving Trip

Needless to say I had a delightful time inNew York with my sissy. So here it is . . . (the trip)

Well, Juan and I spent all day in the airport. That was not overly exciting. And it felt weird not being able to go to church. And I had to buy food. Which also felt weird seeing as shopping on Sunday just doesn’t happen with me. Ironically tough, the best part of the trip was when Juan and I ate at a Chile’s in the airport. Chiles is my favorite. And it gave us something to do during our layover. On the four and a half plane ride I was stuck next to a large woman with a strange odor. That was not great but I suppose every trip has its ups and downs. Renbeth came and picked us up. We went home and ate a little tomato soup with noodles, chatted and then went to bed. Isaac was already asleep.

The next morning Renbeth woke me up so that I could take care of Isaac while she ran Gretchen to work. I did not mind this at all. It was so good to see my little Isaac. I think our best connection during the trip was I did this cheek trick thing with him where I would blow up one cheek and he would poke it and I would switch over to the other side. Does that even make sense? Not sure but he loved it. He found it hysterical. After Renbeth got back and Juan woke up we went to the famous Wegmens (apparently the greatest store on earth– although at one point it lacked fruit mentos- ha ha) Then we went home and Renbeth had to go to work for a little bit so Juan and I tended Isaac. I love that kid. So so cute and he really is obsessed with the Newsies. Then when Renbeth and Gretchen came home we ate at a nice Restaurant that I can’t currently think of the name. I got a cowboy stew and it was quite delicious. I’m a sucker for soups and stews. Then we went home played some games (I won at nerts) and it was time for bed.

Next day I flooded the bathroom. How you might ask? Simply by flushing. So, that was an adventure. Then we went shopping for pants for me and so that I could get Isaac his Christmas gifts ( a way cute shirt and toy train that spells out his name-very classy). We played some more games and such. Renbeth and I are were able to chat some (which I always love- there is just something wonderful about sisters talking).

Wednesday, played games, played with Isaac and we went to the allusive Tea Room. It was fun to get to sit on the ground. The desserts were really tiny (delicious) but stinkin small for the price. But they use everything organic and such so they have to raise the price I think. It was fun. Renbeth always talks about going there and it was just cool to see that segment of her life. We played monopoly that night. Gretchen killed us the first time and then Renbeth won the second time we played (although Juan came in close).  I just sucked at it.

Thursday, Thanksgiving! Well, I did get stomache sick right before dinner, and I got pepper in my eye and had to rinse it out with water and keep a cold wash cloth on my face (the burning sensation was not enjoyable– reminded me of the time I got Chipolte powder in my eye.) But the rest was marvelous. We played Risk. Juan won that but I came in second and for a moment I had every country in the world but two. Oh the beauty of world domination!!! We also watched a brilliant film called Lars and the Real Girl. When I first saw previews I thought it looked lame and slap sticky. So noteither of those. It was beautiful and I reccommend it anyone. The food was scrumptious (of course, my sick stomach did not let me eat as much as I wanted to). WE played more games. And then it was off to bed.

In the morning we planned on leaving at eight because our flight left at ten. Or so we thought. I’m drying my hair and Renbeth runs into the bathroom and informs me that she has just checked our airlines flight and mine doesn’t exist. Needless to say freak out followed. It turns out they had cancelled the flight but Travelocity failed to send me my new flight plan. It just sent me the old so I had no clue. The flight they switched me to was an early morning flight and we had definitely missed it. Renbeth did some calling and got Juan and I a later flight. So, Juan and I were stuck in the airport again for most of the day. Oh well, right? Builds character as my daddyboy would say. We did get to spend a little extra time with Renbeth, Gretchen and Isaac. We went to the mall and I got a yummy pretzel.

Okay cutest Isaac things . . . he says Thank You now. And he will thank you for things you didn’t even do but it is so cute. He also says “please” mainly “Chee plee” which translates into “Cheese please.” The kid is in love with cheeze. He can also say Juan’s name but not mine. Sad day huh? Oh I love it when he talks though. Juan got him a toy plane for his b-day. He calls it “Up sky” Oh so cute. Anyway, I should go eat breakfast and get ready for the day. We are having a second Thanksgiving dinner with my parents today. I know. I’m lucky.

Oh I cannot wait for the escape . . .

I am soon off to visit my sister in NewYork. Juan and I are going for thanksgiving. I am so freaking pumped. I need the getaway. I love my job, my friends, my ward, my life but sometimes you need a break from the everyday. Oh and side note: I have fallen in love with Chile’s buffalo wings. Actually, I’ve been all into buffalo wings the last two months. I can’t get enough of that zangy goodness. But as I was saying I cannot wait to go to NY. It really is too bad I can’t find somesort of fling to have in NY. Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean . . . I could really go for just making out with someone. Granted I am typically not the sort of girl to do that. But . . . I’m not getting any action by being patient . . . so . . . a nice attractive and delicious fling in NY would be marvelous. Alas it probably won’t happen. Most of Renbeth’s friends are married.

Do you know what I have decided? It is a true shame that there are not Mormon bars. You know? They could serve soda, juice and cool alcoholic free beverages. No smoking allowed. But you have the pool tables, the music, the desperate lonely people, the bar tender you can share all your cares with and the buffalo wings. I mean it sounds fabulous to me. Ha ha. But seriously. Maybe I should start one. Save up money and instead of opeing up my own community theatre (which is my dream) I’ll open the first Mormon Bar (but you don’t have to be Mormon to go- I don’t discriminate) I could call it something classy like “Where the Spirit Can Reside.” I am 100% sure people would go. And you would still have to be 21 or older to get in. We don’t want premies in there or any 18 year old competetion. I think that LDS singles would love it. It would be somewhere they could actually hang out.

Alright, I’m off to go shopping with Guadalupe.

Life . . . the good, the bad and the ugly

I know it has been forever since I have written. My last entry more expressed the ugly of my life. This week has been unbelievably stressful at work. Students being punks, failing post tests, etc. Which makes me feel like a sucky teacher. But I’ll get over it. I suppose this has taught me what I need to work on.

Boys still suck so I guess that is the bad. ; ) My bishop offered to excommunicate some for me. I love that man.

The good is I went to the Temple and received my endowments. Amazing. I have been every week since. I can’t get enough of it. I feel so happy and beautiful when I am there. I wish everyone could¬† feel it . . . the safety, the peace. I can’t help but smile. It has been my escape these last few weeks. And believe me I have needed one.

I have been so tense. It’s a good thing I am going to New York to visit Renbeth in a week. Renbeth’s abode is like my getaway.

I am happy though. Like over all. I have so many good things in my life. I’ve just been frustrated.

I have made a few new friends. They are pretty awesome. I will give them the names Fluffy (which is what I actually call him), Esau (has a mustache) and DC. Guadalupe and I hang out with them all the time now. They are fun. A little crazy at times ( for instance DC took us dumpster diving. He actually jumped in a dumpster and grabbed disposed of jerky at this warehouse . . . he and Fluffy ate some. Which is gross if you really think about it. Guadalupe and I did not.) The guys came over last night and I made everyone watch Arsenic and Oldlace which is a Cary Grant classic. Esau had already seen it (apparently- it is a family favorite which just shows what good taste Esau has.) Fluffy and DC were not sure what to think of it all. I think they secretly loved it. Anyway, they are good guys.

Well, I can’t think of what else to say really. I did try out for a Broadway Revue . . . not sure if I’ll make it in. I have to be able to dance. And I think we all know my dancing skills are close to my running skills. Actually, I did volunteer to teach my ward the turkey dance for our Thanksgiving activity tomorrow. I should probably invent that dance sometime soon. It’s gonna be pretty awesome. People looked excited when I announced it today at church. Or they laughed. One of the two. Whatever . . . I’m pretty sure my ward thinks I am one of the most bizarre girls they have ever met. It’s true. I am different. Really everyone is different. I just happen to be loud about it. Ha ha!



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