Freckles an oinker?

According to the doctor I have most likely been afflicted with the swine flu the last five days. And it has been driving me nuts not to be teaching. I feel like a parent who has just left their child with the babysitter for the first time. I keep wanting to call up the subs and see how my students are doing. I am feeling much better today and have gone 24 hours without a fever (doc says when this happens I am good to go) so I will be trying to go to work tomorrow.  I just have to say that being sick has been highly obnoxious. Yes. At the same time I did stumble across this tv show called Life. It is this show about a cop who was convicted for a crime he did not committ. After the case is reopened they find the dna does not link to the cop (Crews). So he is released (he was in there for 12 years) and becomes a detective. I totally adore it. And I have been watching episodes almost non stop the last two days which I know is totally horrible of me since I should have been grading research papers. But Crews (Damian Lewis is the actor) is so fascinating to watch. And I find the writing of the show to be excellent. So, there it is. A new show has caught my fancy.

So . . .

I miss Renbeth. You think I could go one week without talking to my sister and I am sure I have but dude . . . I just want to talk to her.

And men suck. (no offense to all the men I adore)

My students are adorable. They are the best part of my day. They always make me chuckle and they like me (nerd that I am). The other day I had someone from the university come in and observe me for his clinicals. Well, my students didn’t know why he was there but the first thing Cody does is turn around and say to the boy observing, “Miss Freckles is the best teacher.”

The other day I did something rather stupid . . . I was at Texas Roadhouse with my roomies and we were eating those delicious scones. Wel, they don’t give you a butter knife only a steak knife and since I like my butter inside the roll I begin to cut. The waitress walks overto us and I start talking to her. Well, all of a sudden my thumb really hurts. I look down and realize that I am not cutting the scone but rather my thumb. It quickly began to gush blood. (Really one of my finer moments). Now, I just have to say that my friends have mocked me for carrying a first aid kit in my purse. Well, who was laughing when I was able to pull out gauze, a sanitary wrap and bandaids to put a stop to the bleeding? Okay, technically they were still laughing but not about the first aid kit (well, a little) but rather about my stupidity at almost sawing my thumb off.(my students also found this story entertaining).

Oh and Pam and Jim finally getting married was cute. And Juan has me hooked on this new series/ sitcom called Community.

And I am happy Obama won a peace prize.

And I think for the most part life is really good and I probably should focus more on that because lately I have not been feeling my up to par self and it is silly.

Oh and Guadalupe got me a card and milky way the other day to make me smile. Gosh I love her.

Apparently . . .

Apparently I look just like Zooey Daschanel . . . (at least I have someone tell me this like once a day) What do you think?

Zooey DeschanelZooey-Deschanel-020I guess maybe . . . if I didn’t have freckles.

Then I thought it would be fun to put in some old school ones too . . .

Top Five Delicious  Actors who are either dead or soon to be . . .

5. Nelson Eddy (‘Oh sweet mystery of life!’)- he looks the best in Mountie pants.

Nelson Eddy4. Gene Kelley (Dance, voice, charm . . . he has it all)

Gene Kelly3. Gary Cooper (Um . . . he is just all around wonderful!)

Gary Cooper2. Simon Dutton (“Nobody has the right to be that good looking.”)

SimonDutton1. Cary Grant (He is the man.)

Cary Grant

So, just for kicks and giggles and because I am bored . . .

I thought I would post my Top Five Mr. Ever So Edibles (as my delightful cousins would say). These are the men I will never meet and yet find great satisfaction in the thought of kissing them.

5. Zac Efron (Don’t judge me Renbeth. He grew up.)

Zac Efron4. Jason Wade (and I love his voice too).

Jason Wade

3. James Caviezel (dark and handsome in the flesh)


2. Channing Tatum (and his body is also delicious . . . as are his dancing skills  . . . and mind)

Channing Tatum1. Adam Brody (of course. Could you really see me putting anyone else?)


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