Sorry for the long pause . . .

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. I have had so much to report because my life has been so busy. Of course, because of the business I have not had much time to write which really is sinful.

Let’s see, I have started teaching again. I have over 150 students this year. We have over a hundred more than last year and no new hires due to budget cuts and our delightful economy. I have over thirty kids in each of my classes. I am also the advisor of two clubs (Debate and SMILE- a club dealing with promoting self-esteem and service) and I am on the WAMA committee (Women and Men’s Association- they plan like homecoming, etc). Needless, to say I feel a little swamped. I do however, love my students immensely. Many of my old students visit me daily and I am already growing attatched to my new ones. And yes, I have already been asked out on several dates by, been given corn and a tissue paper rose from my students. Why can’t they be seven years older? Ha ha! I’m not gonna lie it is alot of fun to walk into a classroom that is full of my old students and they shout your name and all talk to you at once hoping to get your attention. I love, love, love my job. And I am continually getting on better terms with my colleagues. I may be thirty-fifty years younger than most of them but we are reaching common ground.

One funny colleague moment. Me and a fellow history teacher were coming up with an answer key for the pretest we had given. One question asked how miners had contributed to the settling of the west. My first response was that they got people to come (I was joking . . . kind of) the other teacher was like “what about they lured people?” And I was all “yes, they lured people who were lusting after gold.” I made an emphasis on the word “lusting” and my fellow teacher says, “Freckles, we have got to get you married.” Ha ha. It was funny.

Other news . . . Guadalupe and I are enjoying our new ward so far and we hope to get really involved. Thanks to my calling I will somewhat be forced to. I am the new activities co-chair so I get to plan all the activities. I’m actually pumped to try it. We will also be getting a new herd of men into the ward thanks to the beginning of fall semester. This gets me excited. I have already found a few boys who seem like they would be fun dates. So hopefully, it will all work out.

Juliette is coming up this weekend. I’m really looking forward to this. Oh and I am giving a talk on Sunday. It is on the ensign talk “Returning Home” from the November 2008 issue. I’m a bit nervous for some reason. Partly because of the topic and partly because this is still a fairly new ward to me and they are not used to me yet. I’m a little different from most teachers and speakers. ; )

Tonight I get to go sell tickets at my highschool’s football. Fun and games, I know. Well, until next time.TeacherDesk

So You Think You Can Dance Finale!!!

So, Jeanine won! Happiness. Brandon got in second. Evan in third. And Kayla in fourth. Evan should have been second if not first but I love so Jeanine so I am happy. I just can’t wait until November when I see them live!!!Jeanine2

So You Think You Can Dance Week Eight

So happiness! Both Evan and Janine are in the finale. Kayla and Brandon are as well. Really the only one I do not want to win is Kayla. No offense. And I know a lot of people adore her. MS for instance thinks she has great legs. Actually, it was funny because I once asked him why he liked her and that was his response. So then, I was like “You know what is really hot? Freckles.” Do you know what his response was? “Oh, I didn’t know Kayla had freckles. I will have to look closer.” Brat!

: ) Anyway, the dances were great this week. I liked Evan and Melissa’s broadway alot. So, that’s the one I will show you. Oh and Tyce did a great group dance this week.

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