I am a tuber.

tubesFor the record, none of these people are me. I don’t actually know any of these people. I got the picture off google. The point is they are demonstrating what I did yesterday. As you know I have moved on to a new ward. They had an activity of floating down the narrows in ID. It was pretty intense at parts. I went with Saneesha, Guadalupe, Beezer (my other roomy) and Guadalupe’s friend Molly who was visiting. MS was sweet and stayed by us the whole time. We were near the back. It was actually alot of fun. The only thing that sucked was when I ran into the cement pillar. Don’t ask me how I managed to do this. I don’t really know. I did bruise my heel though. And I have been kind of limping all day. My new ward is super friendly. I love it! I know. Good stuff. Guadalupe will soon be moving in with us. I can’t wait. I adore her. Yeah, life is glorious. Oh and the play opens tomorrow night. I’m nervous and pumped all at once.

So You Think You Can Dance Week Seven

Well, I’m totally distraught. Jason got kicked off last night. And so did Jeanette and she was my second favorite out of the girls. I wanted Melissa or Kayla and Ada or Brandon off. Urgh!!!! Well, this just means I will have to vote like crazy for my Evan and Jeanine! Oh I am so mad. Anyway, last night I think my favorite dances were the two hip hop and then Jason and Kayla’s broadway. I really did not like Melissa and Ada’s dances. Either of them. Even the one that was all emotional and about breast cancer which I know sounds bad of me but I didn’t like the dance. There I said it. I am an evil person. : )

My busy Saturday and the Fray

The FrayYesterday was packed. It started out at 6:30 in the morning. I woke up. Curled my hair. Brushed my teeth. And off I was to Mantua to watch the dam race. I even skipped breakfast! I got there just in time to see Juan finish the race. He came in 15th out of everyone, 3rd in his age group (even got a medal) and 2nd in our extended family (we had a bunch of people running). Daddyboy didn’t do too shabby himself beating even some of the younger family members. I still do not get how people run like this for fun. I mean they pay money to go and run for 5-26 miles (depending on the run) early in the morning ending in aches and pains. I suppose the feeling of accomplishment inspires some of them. It did make me think that maybe I should train so that I would be able to run the 5k my faculty does in the Spring. I don’t know. I really just don’t enjoy running. But we shall see. I want my body to be more fit. I may have to make sacrifices.

After the race, Daddyboy, Juan and I hurried off to Provo to see my cousin Gwenivere get married. We got their just in time to take some pics in front of the Temple. She looked like a princess. And neither of them could stop smiling. Oh so cute. Then we went to the luncheon. Earlier that day in my various travels I had come to the conclusion that I should learn how to drive a motorcycle and not only that but eventually buy one. Especially, if I am not married in the next couple years. Anyway, that was a side note. I thought of it because I was telling my favorite Uncle B about it (who is indeed a biker). The reception was pleasant. The most memorable moment was when Juan decided to go up and share some pleasant memories about Gwenivere. All the siblings had been invited to get up and share memories and thoughts. Only 2 of Gwenivere’s siblings got up so Juan decided to share extra. He gets up and starts by saying, “You know I remember the time Gwenivere and I were making the rounds. You know what I mean by the rounds. Well, you will know when I am done with the story. We were making the rounds and then we committed murder. We were trying to figure out where to bury the body. Gwenivere suggested the cemetary. I was like, ‘bodies are already buried there'” And he went on and the whole time everyone is just giving him this blank stare. It was kind of funny. Juan seemed completelyunaffected. Finally, he told the real story and everyone laughed. But dude, people will definitely remember that speech.

After the luncheon I was off to meet Saneesha, Vaughnicci and Rupert in Salt Lake. Daddyboy dropped me off at Temple Square. I had an hour to wait until my gang arrived. I figured it would be perfect for some pondering and reflection. And it was. I didn’t necessarily figure things out but it was good just to think in a peaceful spot. The sister missionaries came up and started talking to me. I tried to make it clear I was a member but they just kept on talking to me and bearing their testimony. Don’t get me wrong I appreciated them and thought they were sweet. But it was funny how they just kept testifying to me.

Finally, Saneesha and Vaughnicci arrived. We met up with Rupert at Pei Wei. We were going to go to the Noodle Company but Vaughnicci about had a kaniption (not sure if this is a real word but he had one) when he saw Pei Wei. Apparently in Florida they have them all over. Florida is where he served his mission. It was pretty good. Not quite as good as PF Changs (no matter what Vaughnicci says) but better then most Chinese fast food places. Then we were off to go see the Fray. The boys got us lost. Just had to throw that in. Ha ha

We got to the ampitheatre. Rupert and Vaughnicci were sitting on the other side of the theatre cause they got their tickets before us. It was sad not to sit next to them. Saneesha and I actually had pretty decent seats. The concert was fabulous. Jack’s Mannequin came on first. And it turns out I really like them. Then before the Fray came on Saneesha and I bought t-shirts. Oh and then two of my students saw me and came over to say hi! How awesome is that. And as they walked off they called out “we love you Miss Hall” andI heard them say to each other, “Oh I love Miss Hall” It made me really happy. Then the Fray came on. So fetching incredible!!! The atmosphere was awesome. It sounded just as good as on the radio. I love like all of their songs and will clearly need to buy some cds. I just felt so alive and happy there.

After we waited in the parking lot for like 40 minutes for everyone to leave. It was pretty entertaining. For two reasons. One, we got to make fun of people. There were these chicks in the car ahead who kept climbing on their car and dancing or bouncing up and down. Two, it was entertaining to listen to Vaughnicci who gets incredibly cynical when tired. His comments were amusing. Finally, we were on our way home. We stopped at Wendy’s to get some frosties. We didn’t get home till like 2 am. But dude, the night had been glorious! Oh Happy Day!

So You Think You Can Dance Week Six

Well, there were a couple of interesting dances this week. My favorites were Evan and Kayla’s waltz, Jason and Jeanine’s contemporary (although the Jason one was a little much on the sexual side- don’t get me wrong I think they have great chemistry) and Evan’s solo. Fortunately, my three favorite dancers were safe. In case, you are not sure who those three favorites are let me inform you; Jason, Evan and Jeanine. I will insert pictures. Oh and next week Ellen is going to be a judge. Which I am totally pumped about! I am also pumped because So You Think You Can Dance on tour is coming to Utah in Nov. I so so so want to go. I tried to convince MS to take me. Haha. My family may go. Anyway, I am so thrilled. Ok here are the pictures and dances. EvanJeanineJason_Glover

This next video is not the best quality but it was the only one I could find. Sorry.

I’m finally gonna just do it . . .

I have decided to take Nike’s advice and just do it. I am leaving my ward. Yes, the ward I consider a family and that I would do anything for. But let’s be honest . . . I’m not getting anywhere there. Three fourths of the boys are under the age of 22. And the ones that aren’t either never were a possibility or they are my really good friends and dating is not an option. So there it is. I am moving on. Where to go next? I might end up going to Guadalupe’s ward. Although, that just means more uncomfortable encounters with J. But ah well. I also thought of trying out MS’s ward. So many options. I just want to make a choice as soon as possible and stick to it and then get really involved.

Vaughnicci thinks I should go to Wal-Mart and give a fake survey. He thinks some guy will ask me on a date if I do this. I don’t think I believe him. : ) Oh, I get to see the Fray this weekend. Which makes me so pumped. Oh and Gwenivere is getting married. Which is weird but happy. Oh and my father’s side of the family is coming into town. And I go to work this week to design history tests.  And Saneesha and I wanted to go to Bear Lake for an afternoon. Holy cow this week is busy. I also have rehearsal and I need to shop for the play too. I have no costumes really planned out. Heck I don’t even have a shoe. I suppose now is the time I get to stress. Actually, I have gotten to stress the whole time. I have had the hardest time casting my play. We have two weeks until performance and I just barely got a King Gerald. I just hope it turns out.

And remind me to just try and get my plays published. And I have like eight books I should and said I would read. My goodness! I feel like there is so much to do. And when I get to feeling this way it makes me want to put off everything. I will try to be good. Oh Harry Potter comes out this week. This makes me happy too. See what I mean about it being packed.

So You Think You Can Dance Week Five

Ok so Mia Michaels can be a silly woman with some ridiculous cheorography but I love love loved the Addiction dance she cheorographed last night that Kupono and Kayla danced. It was just super powerful. Kupono was representing the addiction whatever it is suppose to be and Kayla was trying to push it away and yet it is just always there and tearing her apart. I loved it! Their other dance was not great. But this one was definitely my favorite. Actually last night their were several really good dances.

Jeanette and Brandon were on fire last night. They are not my favorite couple but they definitely have skill. And one of their dances was my second favorite of the night. It was one done by Wade Robson. The dance was brilliant. they are two theives. He is more cautious, etc and she is suppose to be a little crazy and eager. It was just great. Good night last night.

A little thought . . .

If you want good to happen you have to pray for it to happen. You have to ask for it. You have to believe in it. You have to have faith that it can happen. You have to work for it. Most of all you need to hope. And then amazing and wonderful things happen. Because the Lord takes you seriously. And he gives you the goodness that will make you the happiest . . . even if it was not the original good you had yearned for.