Happy Memorial Day

memorial-day-23Well, today is Memorial Day. The day to remember those who have gone before us. As usual, this memorial day I will be going to the family bbq with my great aunts. I’ll probably stop by Grandfather’s grave at some point today. If not I will go another time. I actually go to his grave often. It is my place to think. It is interesting how I feel close to my Grandfather even though I have never met him in this life.

It is strange to have my Grandmother lying beside him now. It still does not feel as though she is really gone. I just haven’t seen her for a while, you know? It will probably hit me again that she is gone when she is not at our family reunion this year. I miss her. But I am also happy to know she is finally with her man again. She loves him so much.

I was also thinking about my friend Louie who passed away. I miss him. He was a dear dear friend and he played such a significant role in my life. I still remember him singing backstreet boys in the middle of art class. And him whacking me on the head with his agenda also known as the Book of Doom where inside he had written “Going to Hades” with my name under it with two check marks. And he would say “I bless you my son” as he smacked me. It was so hard for me when he went. He was so young. And he meant so much to me. I will never forget though how RenBeth cried with me that day. The day when I found out he was gone. I will always be grateful to her for that.

People are so important. They change your life. They are your life. Word of advice . . . pull people to you and then soak up everything about them. You never know when they will go and you don’t want to miss out on anything. People are glorious. I’m not sure we realize how wonderful all of us really are. I’m not sure even I do. But sometimes I get glimpses. And it makes me really happy.

Some sweet flute beatboxing . . . I know . . . AWESOME!

Man it felt good . . .

M1RifleLast night I went on a date with Jenks. I have been on a couple dates with him and have had a jovial time. This time we went on a double with his roomy and we went skeet shooting. Now I have only been shooting oneĀ  other time before. And I did pretty well the first time. We were shooting at a man (cardboard) and I got him in the eye. Which I feel would work if I was in a situation where I needed to shoot someone. This time we were shooting at clay disks/ birdies or whatever you call them. Anyway, I went second and I have to say I did quite well. I was the first one to blast one to smithereens. I really enjoyed having the gun in my hands I’m not going to lie. I felt this sense of power and I liked how it smoked afterwards. Of course, I could never shoot an animal. That would make me cry but dude I do like shooting fake things and humans (ha ha, just kidding on that second one I just wanted to make sure people were paying attention). Juan says that now I too, like most of my friends, can hate Obama because he is taking away our guns. Ha ha! Both Juan and I laughed after this. Let’s face it. I love Obama and no gun will ever come between us. : )

bulletsThe gun had quite a kick to it. I had it lodged in my shoulder but I ended up getting a nasty bruise.

IMG000048It hurts to even have clothes touch it. But do not fear I will be okay.

The Bike Gang

Sedona-W-Light-GreenFirst, of all here is a picture of my new bike. But not really because mine is a light green. But it is the same thing. My bike’s name is Rogue. Which I just feel is fitting in so many ways. Anyway, Saneesha, Juan and I all went bike riding today. My parents and I got Juan a bike for his b-day. And Saneesha is getting her brother, Chex, to get her a bike for her birthday. As we rode around we kind of felt like a gang. Actually, I felt like a nerd because I was the only one wearing a helmut. I’m pretty sure on Tuesday severalof my students will say, “Miss Freckles, I saw you riding your bike. Why were you the only one wearing a helmut you looked like a dork.” Of course, I could be wrong. They could say, “Hey, Miss Freckles I just wanted to say thank you for your example. I saw you riding your bike with a helmut and not only did you look cool but now I too want to ride safely.” Ha ha! Right. That will never happen. But you know.

Oh quick side note: We played badminton. Juan, Guadelupe and Juliette were on my team. We won. I was thrilled. Although Saneesha’s team was not bad at all. I felt as though we were evenly matched.

Am I ill?

Last Saturday Rupert, Seneesha, and my friend Juliette (who goes to BYU) went to go see Vaughnicci run a marathon. Yes, it is true. Vaugnicci ran for three hours, 26.2 miles. Disgusting really. But he did a marvelous job. Almost too marvelous. As he ran past us at the end it looked as though he could go on forever. I just feel this is wrong. No one should be able to run that far. But then I guess Forest Gump did and even longer so why not. Anyway, at one point in watching him we were forced to run to the car so that we would beat Vaughnicci to the finish line. Yes, I was forced to run. It wasn’t really that bad actually. My feet worked properly and I didn’t have any side pains. I mean don’t get me wrong. I didn’t enjoy it. I just didn’t hate it either.

Well, I don’t know if just watching all those people inspired me or what but I keep having these small strange urges to run. Do not fear I have quickly pushed these notions far into the back of my mind but weird, right? And so I start to wonder. Am I ill? Has someone secretly been brain washing me while I have been asleep. And then I have to ask myself will I ever give into these crazy ideas? Fortunately, I doubt it. But I guess you never know . . .

I blame Vaughnicci for this.


Soccer is the best sport . . .

So, I feel it is necessary to brag about how fetching awesome my high school soccer team is. Three of my students are on the team and they are all amazing. I’m not even being bias. They seriously are three of the best players on the team. One is the goalie, another is a forward ( we’ll call him #16) and the other one is like a team captain, I think and midfielder (#11). Anyway, they were playing to win state. They are playing this really good team. Very evenly matched and both teams were pretty aggressive. At one point one of the kids from the other team got to kick a penalty kick and my student, the goalie blocked it. It was awesome. Anyway, it gets to the last two minutes of the game with the score still 0 to 0 and the other teams’ best player #22 get’s a goal. It was a complete tragedy, right. All the time left in the game was the ref stopage time. But I still had hope. And my morale was boosted even more when the ref gave #22 a red card for taunting the crowd (after his goal he went over to our fans and made a cocky gesture). The kid cried but I didn’t feel bad because he had been such a punk. And if you are gonna be a punk you should get a red card.

Anyway, we are in the stopage time. I’m sitting there praying for our team to get a goal “Oh please, Heavenly Father!” And then it dawns on me that I was praying for the wrong thing cause Heavenly Father loves the other team too and would not cheat for mine. So then I just prayed that our players would do their best and be givenĀ  strength. Well, after that they called a corner kick. And GOAL!!!!!!!!! We made it just in the nick of time. Man, we were jumping out of our seats. (Mom and Dad were with me). And in sudden death our team scored the winning goal. Man, I was in such a flipping good mood. I still am just thinking about it.

No, they did not win their next game so they did not win state. But dude, I am so proud of them. I really am. I feel like a parent watching them. Ha ha! soccer ball

Star Trek

star_trek_mirror_imagesI went and saw the new Star Trek movie. I believe this is a must see. It was well done. It had an interesting plot and it developed its characters. I have never been a huge trekky fan so I have no clue if they ruined any of the characters but I enjoyed them. Particularly Spock. I adore Zachary Quinto. He is a brilliant villain on Heroes and he played the part of Spock superbly.