Wolverine Origins: Giddy and nervous all at once

hr_wolverine_posterThis weekend the Wolverine Origins Movie comes out. I am uber excited. Especially, since Gambit will be in the film (and he is my second favorite superhero). I must admit I am a little wary. After all they royally screwed up the third X-men movie. Don’t even get me started on how much I hated that film. They completely slaughtered the character of my all time favorite superhero (Rogue). She was such a pansy that even I wanted to slug her in the face. But I do hold high hopes for this upcoming film. Mainly because even though the X-men movies had many failings, Wolverine was at least decent. Hugh Jackman does a fabulous job. Today I just watched Ryan Reynolds on Ellen and it got me really pumped for this film. They just better not ruin it.

And for the record, Rogue is not a pansy. She is a sassy southern belle who not only absorbs peoples’ powers and memories she also has super strength and can fly. Honestly, how could they butcher her character so badly? gambit_by_jprart

Anyway, like I said I am thrilled that Remy Lebeau is finally making his debut. He’s so hot (as far as animated characters go. Really Gambit and Dimitri from Anastasia are the only cartoon males I am a bit turned on by. Is that odd? That I am turned on by animated characters at all? Ha ha well I know I am not alone. Many of my female friends have expressed their attraction for Dimitri).

I wish they could make a new Rogue. After all, Gambit and Rogue is one of the most beautiful love stories you can find out there. Why do you think I adore them so much?gambitrogue

A Return To Prom

So on Saturday I was asked to chaperone the junior prom at our high school (where I teach). At first I was reluctant because I knew I would have to find a date. And let’s be honest that sounded gruesome to me. But then I had a brilliant idea. I quickly invited my best friend, Saneesha and four other friends (Guadalupe, Vaughnicci, Rupert, and Stoker). The boys would serve as our escorts and that way no pairing off was necessary and we would just be going as a group of pals. I know, I’m a fetching genius.

The girls arrived first (because I swear that Vaughnicci primps longer than any girl I know). We helped set up balloons. Then Vaughnicci and Rupert arrived. Vaughnicci was wearing his father’s tux from the seventies. It was cream colored with ruffles. It was special. Stoker came later (he had been at work and then he had to stop and buy a crepe maker). And then the fun began.

All of my students looked so cute all dressed up. And I felt so proud of them. The night was amazing.  As a group we would walk around and make sure no one was crashing the prom that shouldn’t be there and then we danced. (well, Saneesha, Vaughnicci, Rupert and I danced. Guadalupe and Stoker frequently sat out cause they are party poopers. ha ha but I love them) We would make random checks and then dance the whole night. Saneesha was just her usual self and danced like crazy. Often students stopped to watch her. It was funny.

I only had to kick out one group of students. While we were dancing Vaughnicci and Guadalupe were dancing and this group of students in jeans asked them (confusing them for students) what high school this prom was for. Vaughnicci and Guadalupe were too chicken to kick them off so they found me and Rupert who were dancing and Vaughnicci mouths while pointing to the students “They’re bad” It made me laugh. Rupert and I went over to them and I asked for their tickets and then asked them to leave. I watched them until they left. I don’t think they liked me. Anyway, I felt like an under cover cop which was kind of cool. Other than that the students behaved.

It was so funny to confuse my students with my three escorts. They would see me dancing with one and give me the thumbs up. Then they would see me with a different one and look very confused. I had a few ask me to dance and to their dismay I declined. All of my students seemed excited to see me and they all said hello and many including the boys told me I looked pretty (which is interesting because none of my three escorts did- a little bitter). Of course, I only have my students hitting on me too. I must repel guys my age. Sadness.

Okay, there were some major differences with my prom and theirs. First off, at mine it wasn’t as weird to go stag. Like no one was stag at this one. Also they have what is called Promanade where they all walk through this like arch and all of their parents, grandparents, siblings, etc come. I think it is so weird to have your parents at the prom. Just saying. Also at this prom they had 80% slow songs and 20%fast and it was the exact opposite at my prom. Very interesting.

Of course over all, I had more fun at this prom than my own. I was more popular at this one too (which could also be seen as sad but isn’t it nice I have more confidence and friends). Anyway, the over all experience was quite pleasant and I would do it again.

Oh last little note. The next day two of my trouble makers were complaining about having to write a history journal in class that was ten sentences long. One suggested they write about prom instead. The other one quickly agreed and said this, “Yeah and it should be two sentences. I saw Miss Freckles at the prom. She looked really good.” And I was all “Thanks,_____” and he quickly blushed, smiled and looked down. It was the cutest thing ever. Alirght signing out for now.

The Dark Red Rose

dark-red-rose-lge3I really just wanted to add a picture to my blog and I was not sure how else to do it. So ta da. Besides the Dark Red Rose totally symbolizes who I am.

And she got sucked in . . .

Yes, I have now entered the blogging world. I never really thought I would but then my dear sister Renbeth showed me how thrilling blogging can be. What a peach she is. I don’t have anything terribly exciting to write on this first blog. This weekend will be jammed packed with interesting things though (at least this is what I am anticipating) so I will have better things to report on later.

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